Saiyuki bunny, Worst Jedi Ever V

I have a name for the clone who takes the limiter shot. Cricket. As in, it’s so quiet…. (You just hear the crickets.)

Hakkai and Gojyo probably aren’t that far away when things go to Order 66 in a handbasket. Healer or not, if Hakkai’s going to be in the field at all the Jedi Council wants Jedi Kouryuu holding his leash. Kouryuu could care less what the Council thinks, but there’s all these reports….

Which means Gojyo will get a good laugh at the white robes before Sanzo figures out what he’s laughing at. Goku and Hakkai are a bit more circumspect. They like breathing.

After a bit of Wookiepedia research on the original Je’daii of Tython, the bunnies think something like that is the most likely source for Kanzeon, kami in general, and Koumyou Sanzo’s line of teachings. As in Shadow, not Light or Dark Side users. Of course this makes me wonder if Koumyou infiltrated the Jedi, or if he was originally a classic Jedi but got converted to Kanzeon’s way of doing things before he picked up a little Force-Sensitive infant floating down a river.

Either way he likely picked up the kid because Kouryuu had the capability for a very explosive but controlled temper. “Rule it, don’t let it rule you,” is Sanzo’s canon attitude toward negative emotion.

(Kanzeon also swears he’s the reincarnation of hir nephew Konzen Douji. After all, Jedi don’t know everything about the Force….)

Kouryuu, though, bunnies suspect was reasonably on the Jedi version of straight and narrow despite Koumyou’s unorthodox teachings. He knew they weren’t considered Temple canon, but… Goku. Good night, Goku.

(I defy even Mace Windu to keep an even temper with Goku going after peaches. Yoda could do it, yes. But not Mace.)

And then once Kouryuu caught Gonou/Hakkai, they were the only thing that helped. Instead of letting the partly-insane Healer stew in the Dark until the Temple mind-healers could try to fix him, Kouryuu threw out a lifeline.

So… very judicious, very careful, very sparing use of Shadow techniques. Until Order 66. And then boom.

(Do not shoot the monkey. Do yourself a favor, and never shoot the monkey.)

Bunnies suspect Kouryuu had no idea he could ever get that mad.

(Koumyou did. Koumyou had some visions. Ooo boy.)

I still need to figure out what the sutra’s power to “break the darkness” actually translates to in Star Wars. Much less what youkai and Minus Wave effects, if any, should be.


11 thoughts on “Saiyuki bunny, Worst Jedi Ever V

  1. Maybe one of the ways it can “break the darkness” is being able to deal with some of the nastier Dark Side abilities by No Selling them . . . and/or make it easier to throw a lifeline to people like Gonou / Hakkai – people whose reasons and circumstances for Falling are less Palpatine type desire for power and because they were alone, in pain, and afraid. In other words, people you might actually be able to help.

    Star Wars verse might have enough problems with the Empire and all that jazz. Minus wave might be overkill – through it could be one of those aforementioned nastier Dark Side abilities.

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    1. You have a point on a Minus Wave being potential overkill. *G*

      And given most Jedi who Fall into Darkness commit horrible acts before anyone can drag them clear, if it’s even possible… getting someone out of that headspace/ breaking the Dark Side influence on them long enough they can start thinking, would be a major thing.

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      1. Maybe instead of the Minus Wave, he could be trying to deal with the mind control chips in the clones? That’s about as close as cannon gets to the mass insanity effect of the minus wave on youkai (my EU knowledge is pretty spotty though, could be something better)

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      2. Judging by the behavior of general darksiders in canon vs. fallen Jedi, Falling must be something like the first time a person takes drugs. Like serious drugs, cocaine or ecstasy or PCP. A habitual drug user has a _tolerance._ If they keep taking similar doses, they can still think. A person who just takes a huge dose of crack straight out of the gate goes bonkers.

        It would also explain why even experienced darksiders can get to the crazy place, because they’re getting more than their tolerance level, so they feel it.

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  2. Um, and my SW knowledge is spotty and slight at best, but wouldn’t the answer to both the Minus Wave and the Maten Sutra would be the equivalent of more powerful Sith/Jedi Battle Mediations? Wookiepedia descriptions are… Well…

    “… sometimes a warrior receives assistance from an unexpected source, an in-rush of light, blasting away his fear and despair, releasing new inner strength! Yes, a war is much more than arms and armor. Half of every conflict is the will to win.
    We are Jedi. We must recognize that the will to win, and the power of war, are given sometimes by the dark side. And sometimes, as dawn throws back the night, victory is given…by the light!”

    Arca Jeth, while implementing Jedi battle meditation

    It even has the freaking Sanzo Is the Sun reference.


    ” Battle meditation was not merely a province of the light side; powerful dark side users could twist the wills of their commanded armies not through subtle influence, but with total domination. This perversion of battle meditation was called Sith Battle Coordination by theDark Lady Lumiya.”

    … As I said, I don’t know much about SW, especially the EU, but… That all sounded awfully familiar… *feeds the bunnies.*

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    1. I’m pretty sure Palpatine was said to use Battle Meditation pretty consistently to control his troops . . . which is one EU reason the Empire crumbled after his death. And as I understand it, Battle Meditation was using the Force to nudge events in a battle so they would turn out as you want them to. It’s always been a pretty rare ability . . . though the Jedi who did have it are often pretty famous. If the Maten Sutra could break Sidious’ manipulation of events that would have an effect rather like breaking the influence of the Minus Wave. I’ve never actually read a comic where Battle Meditation was used, though, so I’d say hunt one of those down to be sure.

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      1. Battle Meditation had two forms: the large-scale one used for big fights, and that used on a more personal level when you yourself are fighting. It mostly turns up in comics before or way after the Clone Wars, though.

        Hmm. Breaking Sidious’ manipulation is interesting, but will have to poke the bunnies more to see how it fits.

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