Waking to Another Sky Ch1 bit – Lagging

Agil and the rest of Fuurinkazan were here, and even bare-handed, they could probably take on anything short of another Skull Reaper. And he was just a step away from a miracle-

Um. Better not startle them.

Frankly, Klein doubted he could startle Kirito. The Black Swordsman had better HyperSense than a cat. Asuna, though – she could be painful. “Asuna? Kirito?” he said hopefully. “We thought you guys were dead….”

Black eyes lifted just enough to meet his, full of dawning hope. “Klein?”

The redhead grinned fiercely. “Hey. Welcome back.” He pumped a fist in the air. “Dibs on hugs!”

“Klein, you – oof!” Asuna sputtered, caught in both their arms as he fell onto the bed. “What are you doing?

“What’s it look like? We’re out! And after that mess? You two need a hug!” Still grinning, Klein pulled back enough for Agil to trade wrist grips with them both. Warm. Solid. Alive.

Day’s looking up already.


“Colonel, as they say at NASA, keepen der cotton-picken hands in das pockets.” A second woman’s voice, annoyed and quietly worried. “You’ve dealt with people in shock before. Let them focus on us, or you’ll do them more harm than good. Give them a minute to sort themselves out before we start asking questions.”

Still holding onto Kirito, Asuna tensed.

“Yeah.” Klein kept his tone light. Issin and Kunimittz had pretty good poker faces. The rest of his guild, not so much – but they weren’t looking straight at the doorway. “We’ve got company. Military company.”

“Military?” Kirito repeated, bewildered. “But why?”

“Good question.” Agil frowned. “They’re speaking English.”

Holy cow. He’s right. “So what the hell are we speaking?” Klein blurted out.

And damn it, this was a stupid thing to freak out over. His family was proud to be Nikkei; he’d grown up speaking English and Japanese. Why should just adding another language be this scary?

Because it sounds like us. It sounds like Aincrad. We beat Kayaba, the game’s supposed to be over! What the hell did he do to us?

“You lagging?” Black eyes met Klein’s, and winked. “We’ll figure it out. Right, Lightning Flash-sama?”


43 thoughts on “Waking to Another Sky Ch1 bit – Lagging

  1. I think, Klein, that is a combination of you didn’t chose to become trilingual and knowing that the language is from the game and you were so sure once you got out, you’d be out. It would be over. Done. Nothing but memories.

    Sorry but not quite. Because Kayaba is a bastard.

    But Kirito is right that you probably are lagging a bit. Give your brain a bit to catch up. Through it is worrisome for the reasons stated above.

    I have the feeling a lot of people (SGC and SAO player alike) are going, very soon, be spewing a bunch of curses upon Kayaba’s head and other body parts. Some of these are quite inventive and others biologically impossible.

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      1. Probably be a good idea.

        Because while I think it sounds like it would be awesome and Kayaba totally deserves it (and more) . . . still that be crazy.

        On the other hand, the SAO players would fit right in at Hancock.

        Of course, some of them are probably King Material and if Hancock gets enough of those in the school, some of the Djinn are going to start pouting about not being able to test them and get their own Kings.

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  2. I wonder how many of the weird language things Daniel’s noticing about the group can be attributed not just to an old Abydonian dialect, but to the fact that said dialect has been butchered to hell and back but several thousand gamers trying (and probably succeeding) at optimizing it.

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    1. Several potentially lossy stages of language transmission.
      1. However Kayaba got a hold of it.
      2. Whatever he did to make it useable for his purposes.
      3. However he uploaded it to the players.
      4. Whatever the players did with it.

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  3. Why is Klein’s first reaction to wonder what they were speaking? Shouldn’t he be assuming they’re speaking Japanese?

    Also, in addition to having several thousand gamers mangling the dialect, there were probably words Kayaba invented to fill gaps. Like ‘computer’ or any number of concepts that may not have existed in the dialect originally. And then player invented words like ‘Beater.’ The language and culture of players in general and Clearers in particular is going to fascinating to observe.

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    1. Remember the ‘gate messing with language’ assumptions of Kryal’s Dragon King’s Temple? I think the first of these snippets mentioned explicitly borrowing from that. Kayaba’s obviously done something related to whatever the gate does to the language portions of the brain.

      If you pick up a language without realizing it, it may be easiest to assume that it is the language you already know whose poetry you know least about. If the players know Japanese poetry and not English poetry, they may be able to verify it isn’t Japanese, but not that it isn’t English.

      And his language source may well have included terms for computer. The NID could come into contact with all sorts of places that the SGC hasn’t. (This past week I’ve been musing on an NID gate team that goes rogue and drops off the grid before Jack shuts the NID gate program down, and turns themselves in to the SGC maybe ten years later.)

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    1. Sometimes I wish WordPress allowed editing for comments. 😛

      That sentence should have said “Aka if your grandparents immigrated to the USA from Japan, your parent who was born from them is Issei, and you’re Nikkei.”

      Although after double-checking the meaning of issei, it looks like I might be off by a generation. In that case, parents who immigrated from Japan are Issei, and children are Nikkei.

      (Actually, I think I’m confused as to how people define 1st and 2nd generation immigrants. I thought 1st generation was the children of those immigrants, not the immigrants themselves. Apparently not?)

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      1. I thought second generation was nisei.


        Emigrant is someone that leaves a place, and immigrant is someone that comes to a place.

        The actual people that moved are immigrants, and if you didn’t call them first generation you would have to call them zeroeth or something. So first generation.

        Then the kids of someone who moved are second generation immigrants. If you instead are counting ‘born in a place of outside ancestry’, they would be first generation.

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      2. I am a 2nd generation American. My maternal grandparents came to the US from Cuba and had my mother as a 1st generation (born in) American. Then my mother had me. (Second generation born in America.) I always think about it as “generation born in the place”.

        Now, in Japan, they could count it as ” generation that occupies”. 1st generation settles, then gives birth to the 2nd. (I would then be the 3rd generation by this thinking.) Maybe?

        But “2nd/3rd” generation Japanese immigrant answers the question well enough for me to go on.

        Thank you and Satoyama for your help!

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  4. Um, was there more to Janet reminding Jack to stay back than him just being impatient? It seemed he wasn’t happy with the way Klein and Agil were reacting to Asuna and Kirito being alive. Not ‘cos they were interrupting their moment (and even that little glimpse was kinda adorable), but because that group hug and arm grip were exchanges between equals – not adults, even adults in their early twenties, who were protecting kids.

    I’m sure he’s unhappy with more than that, but … this seems like a problem waiting to happen. Especially given Asuna’s potential reaction to authority figures claiming to act ‘for her own good’. Kirito worries she’ll rip the head off Lind in the SAO Progressive light novels for making that kind of presumption and I can’t recall if he just meant verbally!

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    1. Of course there’s also the: “How the hell do these people know each other? They were in comas!”

      AKA: At this point, the SGC has no idea that the game was actually happening.

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  5. Y’know, I can understand why they didn’t just kill all the Laughing Coffin members, but “we can only hold these people temporarily, and when they are released, no one will have any clue how dangerous they are” *is* a pretty good argument for execution, imo
    Again, I don’t expect teenagers to be that cold, but in hindsight…

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      1. That’s why Laughing Coffin wasn’t a regular guild wasnt’t it? They were called a guild, but they weren’t registered as such in the system which is why they could have spies in other guilds. The only way to tell was all of them had the symbol somewhere on them.

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  6. Aaand once again you deliver a crossover i didn’t know was missing from my souls’ deepest desires. Just saying. Looking forward to the reactions to the point where the sleepers find out about the space bug body snatchers with god complexes that are…much more accessible than Kayaba….

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