Saiyuki bunny, Worst Jedi Ever VI

A few more thoughts…

Still trying to determine what equivalent of youkai should turn up in this AU. And there is an equivalent, because Kouryuu ended up dealing with some interesting damage to Gonou/Hakkai. Which argues for some kind of Sith or ancient Je’daii bio-alchemy experiment as part of what happened to him and Kanan. (And previous experiments may have created an entire alien race.) Granted, bio-alchemy creations don’t turn up very often in canon Star Wars, but who’s to say what might have happened on a particular section of the Outer Rim? Or the Unknown Regions.

The bunnies are sure Gojyo’s half-Zeltron… but that’s a near-human race anyway, the other half could possibly be youkai… eh. Still iffy on that. Then again, maybe Zeltrons themselves have a connection to youkai.

On the sutras – if they are Force artifacts for “creating a world”, it’d make sense they are Shadow – invoking both Light and Dark sides of the Force! So far the bunnies have that the sutra can do an energy/explosion barrier, bind things, and possibly destroy Dark spirits just like a Force-imbued blade. SW ‘verse, summoning spirits might not be out of line either… (And now we know how Kouryuu might have led troops through places impossible to scout….)

Helping Hakkai likely involved some level of Force bond. Which means when Goku’s limiter breaks, Hakkai would not only sense the massive explosion of power, but Kouryuu utterly, volcanically, losing his temper.

I see Hakkai as having been back at an aid station not far away; a certain smile crossing his face – and very suddenly and deliberately wiping out every clone in shooting distance.

Gojyo stands completely untouched in the middle of the carnage. Cigarette still in hand. “Okay, I’m going to assume you had a damn good reason for that. Which way do we run?”

Goku’s staff might be the equivalent of a Force-imbued blade, as well.

I don’t want to draw directly on the Je’daii, but… thinking whatever the kami are or were, they have or had a world similar to Tython – without balance in the Force, things get messy. Leaning toward, the youkai are either another species in the same system – like the multiple worlds near Corellia – or they’re possibly a group of related species. Or kami-descendants. And the Sutras were specifically meant to deal with “things getting messy.”

Which may mean the Maten’s been poking at Kouryuu for years. “This whole Temple is out of balance! Can’t we wreck it just a little?”

It’s very likely the sutra’s power may scale depending on how much Force is brought against it. It’s not very powerful against non-Sensitives. (Though Sanzo might be.) Though the bunnies do say it can add to Sanzo tossing a Boom when the landscape just has to be rearranged/flattened.

39 thoughts on “Saiyuki bunny, Worst Jedi Ever VI

  1. Which may mean the Maten’s been poking at Kouryuu for years. “This whole Temple is out of balance! Can’t we wreck it just a little?”

    To which his answer, if he heard the question, was for years: “No.” or “Don’t tempt me.”
    Until the day it wasn’t. And then it was really wasn’t.

    And remember kids, once Sanzo makes up his mind about something and/or sets his course on a particular goal, etc, it is very difficult to deter him from that particular decision / course of action. He can change his mind but you better give him a darned good reason to. Not unreasonable just will of steel.

    Hmmm . . . wondering if the Sutras are the only things / entities / beings connected to a Star Wars and/or other universes, who have been headdesking and argghing and trying to convince someone to fix this mess before it blows up like it did in NAME Canon Universe.

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      1. Let’s just leave out the whole “Palpatine was justified because of the Yuzhan Vong” mess.

        Yeah. Let’s. >.<

        Because dead children. By his order. Vader might have carried it but it was Palpatine's idea. I don't care what your reason was, it wasn't good enough. Nothing is. If the only way to save the universe or your civilization is the wholesale slaughter of children, then your universe and/or civilization doesn't deserve to be saved.

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      2. Post-hoc explanations like this from the creators usually tick me off. Not least of which my general annoyance for making or trying to make it seem like the bad guys are some kind of planning God Mode Sue who, somehow, always know everything and can anticipat everything. And NO, canon pre-cog doesn’t justify doing that. Especially since canon pre-cog is shown to not always be clear until after the fact and one can apparently manipulate someone into having pre-cog like visions under all the other Force-sensitives noses . . .

        *cough* Ahem, sorry about that. But I hated it when creators do this. I don’t like when it is Paplatine. I don’t like it when it is Aizen. I don’t like it when it is anyone. The bad guys are still people therefore they are just as capable of being ignorant or messing up in a non-deus ex way as the good guys. They might do less often or in different ways but they still do it. They are smart, they are powerful, they are not omnipotent.

        Sorry again but this really, really annoys me.

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      3. >>Let’s just leave out the whole “Palpatine was justified because of the Yuzhan Vong” mess. Ouch.
        At best, that’s an after-the-fact justification by Palpatine-fans. Not only the whole “killed billions of innocents” bit, but also *he didn’t tell anyone about them*. He didn’t leave messages about them.
        Hm. Plunny about Palaptine deciding to get his nasty out by making the Jedi work with him, holding the YV over everyone’s head as leverage? Because that would be an exquisite sort of torture for most of the Jedi…

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      4. I understand that it was an after the fact justification by George Lucas, after Zhan decided that the Vong were something Thrawn had anticipated.

        I’ve come to the conclusion that Lucas’ claim of having a brilliant master plan for the Star Wars setting is pure sales hype. Going back to the original Star Wars being heavily derivative of Dambusters and Hidden Fortress. I understand that there is some technical part of filming that he is actually quite brilliant at, but think the other good qualities of Star Wars are chance and the work of others.

        That said, I used to buy the ‘Journal of the Whills’ explanation before I got disenchanted with canon Star Wars.

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      5. Honestly, Palpatine anticipating them and Palpatine handling things AT ALL WELL are two entirely different things but I agree, its best to leave it out. (Though you could entirely justify why nobody knows…the only people Palpatine would probably tell were Vader (who is dead), or his Grand Admirals…who the Rebellion killed every one of them, in some cases with very flimsy show trials.)

        Palpatine is not a good guy, he is not justified. That being said, I could understand pre-fall Anakin going all “Hard Man making Hard Decisions” with the notion o the Vung (by the end of the Clone Wars he was very, very disillusioned with the Republic…well before he went on his Dark Side bender, waking up to the fact he had killed children, killed his wife and unborn children (the latter in his mind). Though he would not really be justified either (Dude you murdered children).

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  2. Necromancy is a legit thing in Star Wars canon- or at least Legends canon. In fact, several famous Sith Lords (Exar Kun and Darth Krayt) were actually at least partially trained by Sith spirits. Talk about carrying on your legacy after death! And Sidious in Legends was known for his ability to execute the unfortunate designer of the Death Star like 20 times, because he shoved the poor guy’s spirit into another cloned body each time.

    Of course, that kind of thing always has a bit of danger to it, because the Sith spirit could know Essence Transfer or just possess or overshadow you. As the unfortunate Kyp Durron found out, about the formerly mentioned Exar Kun.

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  3. Bio-Alchemy was actually more common than you make out here…it was just mostly happening during the Sith Empire’s. There were a few sith lords who got really heavily involved in it, the Rak-ghuls for example were created with Sith Alchemy. An entire species being created is not actually out of the question. There were a couple of races that were almost to a man born with SOME inbuilt force sensitivity, and some of the Sith Experiments were designed to turn people into monsters of the Dark Side, so the ancient Sith Lords creating Youkai is …not to far fetched. More than likely some sith lord created them and was then promptly killed by a rival Sith Lord, or the Jedi turned up and killed him and then nobody really paid attention to his experiment and then a few thousand years later there are youkai all over the planet.

    As mentioned by bookofthezuresky, Sith Lords often had ways to stick around AFTER they were dead…and often tried to possess people to get a new lease of life (Palpatin , in legends, was basically jumping between clones for just that purpose). As for what the Kami would be…I’m disinclined to suggest using the Celestials, though if you are have a look at the Clone War episodes where Anakin, Obi-Wan meet ‘The father’, ‘The son’ and ‘The daughter’ who more or less are ‘Force Gods’ representing The Force, the Dark Side and the Light Side.

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    1. Really don’t think the kami are Celestials; they’re a bit too embodied for that. Hmm. Bunnies poking the idea of Palpatine trying to duplicate old Sith experiments, and wondering if Zeltrons would be favored ’cause they’re innate empaths already….

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  4. Anakin Skywalker is supposed to be a product of Sith alchemy.

    Sithspawn refers to a product of alchemic modification. The techniques can take an animal and make it intelligent and able to use the dark side.

    Stone Monkey, in early versions of canon, survived an attempt at execution by way of Lao-Tzu’s alchemy furnace before he was over to the custody of the Buddhist monk. This turned his eyes gold, giving them special sensory abilities.

    The following is an observation, not any sort of suggestion.
    Satoyama 1: Remember why I concluded Hellsing is a poor choice for transcribing into Star Wars?
    Satoyama 2: What passes for worldbuilding and plot in Hellsing leans heavily on not particularly plausible Nazis and Catholics. Finding or making the cognates runs a heavy risk of diluting things so much that one might as well not bother.
    Satoyama 1: Think about Hellsing’s major Catholic figure, Anderson, and compare Sanzo.
    Satoyama 2: Yeah, no. Different enough personalities that you couldn’t really swap, and Saiyuki’s Genjyo doesn’t have the healing factor, the infinite holy bayonets, or the dimensional crap.

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      1. I gotta worse one~

        I understand that there’s at least one flavor of Buddhism that has been known to appropriate local heroes and deities.

        Crom and/or Conan.

        Cromten sutra struck me as funny, so I found the easiest rationalization.


  5. …waitwaitwait.

    Let me see if I understand your bunny correctly. In this Saiyuki/Star Wars AU, the three idiots meet Kouryuu *before* he becomes Genjyo Sanzo (ala Order 66)? So basically they know him before and after? And Koumyou is already dead by the time they all meet?

    I’m kind of wondering if there’s going to be some angst on their parts because of how Order 66 forced Sanzo (and the rest of them) to change. Or even just how the universe changed because of it.

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    1. *EG* Yep. Jedi Kouryuu before, priest Genjyo Sanzo after. It could be gloriously messy!

      Though I don’t know if it’d really get angsty. I could see Sanzo being sad (and never admitting it – well, maybe to Goku), but angst is not a big thing with him.

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      1. Well, dumbass anime characterization aside, I don’t actually see Sanzo dwelling that much on the past either. I was thinking more of the other guys, if they would be sad (in some form) about the changes Order 66 forced on everything. In fact, I can actually see Goku making a comment about being sad about it, and that might be the only time Sanzo would admit he felt the same.

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  6. You know we focus on the good guy/bad guy aspects of Star Wars (and don’t get me wrong: Palpatine is a bad guy) but Vathara’s foray into economics in Magi and some Star wars analysis videos made me look at the bigger picture.

    As militaristic, corrupt and oppressive as the Empire can be, it came into existence pretty peacefully resulting in the galactic economy remaining intact. And with all the spending it did on various projects, some industries were booming.

    The rebellion on the other hand, is a violent uprising that tries to do as much damage to the Empire’s infrastructure and standing forces as possible. And the Empire would have to replace all this and expand said forces because hello? Violent, armed, fanatical terrorists running around blowing up and/or stealing everything they can.

    And the Empire gets the money to pay for all this from taxes. So as the rebellion gets more active more tax hikes occur across the galaxy because they need the money to finance all these replacements. And as a result, the economy starts suffering.

    And let’s not even think about the costs and disruptions when the first Death Star was destroyed.

    But when the Emperor got killed with no heir or any real legislation outlining what the Empire was supposed to do, everything goes to hell.

    And then the Rebellion comes in, smashes everyone left because ‘they supported the Empire’ (even though 90% of said people had nothing to do with policy decisions etc) and reinstates the Galactic Republic which we all know was hopelessly corrupt and tied up in red tape. A 2.0 version don’t be any better (primarily because they haven’t changed anything from the first failed model).

    So galactic recession, planets dying from vital shipments not reaching them, mass chaos and lawlessness and the New Republic is going “Yay, we beat the bad guy! Tea and cake for everybody. Now let’s go see what the view from the Chancellor’s office is like.”

    It’s not a question of if separations, uprisings and rebellions occur against the New Republic but when they will happen.

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    1. (Rogue One spoilers incoming.)


      I’m gonna partially disagree with you, mainly because according to Rogue One, the attack on that planet with the archives (whatever it’s called) was the first big, overt battle between the Rebellion and the Empire. (I’m thinking the attack on the base that killed Jyn’s dad got covered up because of the covert nature and small number of ships involved, but I could be wrong.) And that was done without permission from whatever council is in charge of the Rebellion. So that implies any action done previously by the Rebellion was small scale stuff that didn’t necessarily have a big impact on the galaxy as a whole, but did impact the Empire in some way or another.

      Tarkin’s response? He used the Death Star to blow up Aldaraan(sp?) in A New Hope. (He really likes that shiny red button that makes things go boom.) So one could argue the Empire is the one who escalated things and started causing the ripples that would affect the galaxy as a whole. How things went after that? Well, I don’t remember the movies enough to know if you’re correct or not on those possible events and consequences.

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      1. I admit I haven’t seen Rogue One. I’m working from SW Rebels, the original movies and what books I’ve read along with the analysis videos I’ve watched

        And I’m not talking about fleet battles etc here between the Rebellion and Empire, the former didn’t have enough ships to pull that sort of thing off except in desperate situations. I’m talking about rebel cells going around planting explosives in Imperial factories, launching raids on garrisons, stealing supplies, attacking convoys etc. And in Rebels, we do see the Empire losing ships to the rebels, not that many but they do lose them. And I’ve honestly lost count of the number of stormtroopers the heroes have moved down.

        Sure they aren’t shown acting as terrorists except to the ‘bad guys’ and even then it’s quite clean (don’t want the shows/movies canned) but this is an armed rebellion. They aren’t going around with stun bolts here.

        Did Tarkin go overboard? Yep. But the Emperor gave him the keys to the DS for just that reason, he would use it causing fear, terror and hatred to grow all across the galaxy. Just as the Emperor wanted.

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      1. >That was my take as well; the Republic fell apart because it was too big to handle its own problems.>
        The extensive amounts of corruption didn’t help and we can’t blame Palpatine for all of it. He just took advantage of the situation and worsened it for his own gains.

        And Mon Mothma, the very person who was supposedly getting paranoid about Palpatine’s power grabs decided to recreate the very government that let him rise to such a position in the first place. Apparently she had a very powerful Nostalgia Filter.

        I can see Sanzo listening to Mon Mothma’s ‘grand vision/plans’ then deciding an extended visit to the Outer Rim would be a great idea. Get himself and the three idiots clear of the blast radius when the New Republic inevitably explodes.

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  7. Ah, I see. I’m only going by what were shown in the movies, while you’re using the bigger universe that includes tv series and discussions and stuff. I’m not a big Star Wars fan, so haven’t seen/read everything available. Makes a difference. 🙂

    (And seriously, Tarkin really likes that shiny red button. His answer to the rebels attacking the main records archive for the Empire to get the Death Star plans? Blow up the archive. People made jokes about how all of the Empire’s librarians and archivists became rebels as a result.)

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      1. I can see the Rebel Librarians and Archivists . . . . feel their nerd rage as they conduct their own rebellion in their own style, allying themselves with some . . . unique individuals and groups out there. And they may or may not be connected to Librarians of Space and Time but since all libraries are connected . . .

        And maybe if you can’t get the original characters from the canon universe, you can get their alternate universe counterparts or expies.

        Dratted bunnies – I tell them again and again not to give anything Stargate, I don’t know the universe well enough to write it. Still doesn’t stop them from picturing Danny as a Star Wars space archaeologist / linguist quietly working on some Outer Rim planet but still roped into helping a Rebel cell translate the “funny squiggles” (their words, not his) on some device they “liberated” from the Empire and things snowball from there somehow . . .

        Someone who knows more about Stargate, you are free to take this thing off my hands. Please.

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