Sanzo vs. the Alien Invasion Ch3 bit – Aura

“Se does that on purpose.” Sanzo’s murmur was barely audible as the priest bent his head to eye the dragon. “Stand up to hir right from the start, or se’ll run right over you.”

That sounded like the voice of experience. Though Hakkai couldn’t picture Sanzo being run over by anyone. Continue reading


Waking to Another Sky Ch3 bit – Evac

Demon, Janet decided, hair standing up on the back of her neck as the blue-furred, goat-headed giant slashed out again, snake-headed tail hissing. Twenty feet if it was an inch, with a massive blade to match, held as casually as a Marine would grip his K-Bar. Continue reading

Waking to Another Sky Ch3 bit – Raid Plan

A/N: And SG-1 gets a little forewarning….

Asuna jerked her head, one grim nod. –With Fuurinkazan’s help, the Knights of the Blood Oath can keep it too busy to summon reinforcements. Schmidt, Agil – if the Divine Dragon Alliance and your allied merchants can clear the mobs from this corridor, we’ll have a known line of retreat in case the damn thing has some way to fling a blind. Does everyone know who’s assigned to yank casualties out of the line of fire and potion them?- She waited for nods. –Good. We’ll start in an hourContinue reading

Waking to Another Sky Ch3 bit – Rollercoaster

“General, I’ve ordered suicide watches posted. Many of these people act as if… no, they have just come out of combat. Computer-based or not. And all of them have been seriously dislocated from the reality they knew for the past two years. They need time to decompress. To figure out how things work in this world again.” Wry humor twitched Janet’s mouth. “Including bathrooms. Continue reading