Through the Cracks Ch 7 up on AO3

I have spent much of the day wrestling with the evils known as 1040.  So. *Thud.* No real wit left to try and come up with much. I edited instead.

Which means Through the Cracks Chapter 7, “Homecoming,” is now up on Archive of Our Own.  🙂

This is all I’ve got complete at the moment, sorry; the rest will have to wait until I have significant energy and free time to tackle dragging some Heralds to Yamato!


15 thoughts on “Through the Cracks Ch 7 up on AO3

  1. Yay chapter!

    One of the constants in life… I still have to do mine.

    Do you use tax software? I find the dread 1040 much less so when I can smack it with an HR Block.

    I tried doing my own, with the paper forms, year before last because I was feeling broke and cheap. It only took me an hour of that nonsense before I decided the value of the time was worth more than the cost of the software.

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    1. I do mine with paper. I honestly think I’d be a nervous wreck using a program, given how many situations people have said “Huh, that’s never happened before….”

      Overall mine tend to be relatively simple – but if you’re a writer, no matter how little you make, Uncle Sam always gets a cut. Always!


      1. Are you just doing the base 1040 or do you have other schedules and supplementary forms to go with it? Because while the base 1040 /looks/ intimidating it’s actually pretty easy.

        …says the guy who works for a CPA’s office.

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      2. *Snrk* I’m a writer. You might not believe how many schedules that takes!

        And that’s it exactly. The base 1040 is a headache. Figuring out the rest of the schedules that do or don’t apply – that’s the evil stuff.


  2. Yeah taxes are awful. Freaking wish there was a mandatory class in the senior year of high school at the very least about what taxes are, how to pay them, and what happens if you don’t.

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  3. My senior year of high school, we had an economics class requirement that actually had a lot of that sort of thing. I mainly learned it from my mom(who never made money a mystery). But yes, it’s important stuff everyone should know. Then again, I think everyone should have home ec and shop too!

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    1. I’ll agree with the Home Ec and Shop bit. Be even better if it was a bit more free form, though. Like for class projects, just give a goal. Make/do something to fix this problem. Points for function, looks, simplicity/complexity, so on.

      Maybe people would be a little more self sufficient then. Even a DIY Club would be nice.

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      1. I suspect that it is more a matter of what school is pushing out than than what schools can be reformed to do. As in ‘bad education pushing out good’, and my being extremely cynical and pessimistic.

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      2. At my high school, the physics teacher had two main projects: concrete canoes, and trebuchets. The assignment was “make a canoes out of concrete and glass beads that floats” and “make a trebuchet that works. Bonus points to the person/team who can toss something the furthest.” He allowed his classes to use any method of research and kept track of progress and documentation.

        He was also the Chem 2 teacher and would say things like “what’s an alcohol and how can I test it? Find out and design an experiment. Turn in your research, and hypothesis in two weeks.” And let us go nuts. We made artificial flavors, and other really cool, practical stuff.

        Mind you, I grew up in the middle of nowhere and graduated in 2007. He also left the high school because he was getting shit from the president/school board for not teaching us the ACT. But… good teachers are still out there and awesome.

        (When he was having a crapy day and didn’t feel like wrangling a class full of teenagers, he’d hook up a dish containing water and dish soap to the gas, then use one of those long lighters to set the resulting bubbles on fire. They’d burn out before reaching the ceiling. We were all spellbound at the pretty.)

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