Waking to Another Sky Ch2 bit – Judgment Calls

“Sir?” Leafing through one of the original Sword Art Online Japanese manuals, Gunnery Sergeant Northland gave Hammond a focused look. “Respectfully request permission to hunt Akihiko Kayaba down and use him as a Ranger piñata.”

“Denied, Gunny,” General Hammond said regretfully, finger on the mouse as the video paused. Children attacking a lethal, nodachi-armed monster… he needed a moment to catch his breath. And let the steam shoot out of his ears. Angry generals made poor decisions. And there had been more than enough bad judgment calls in this mess already. “Why a Ranger piñata, Sergeant Northland?”

Besides his normal brown crewcut and once-broken nose, the Marine standing on the other side of Hammond’s desk currently sported five stitches above his eyebrow from something with claws. Those stitches were the reason Northland was temporarily attached to secretarial duties, instead of out in the field. Weird octopus-cat-hybrid sort of thing or not, any marine with his training and skills should have ducked. Northland hadn’t.

Granted, he’d been distracted by the rest of the alien’s… pride, or school, or whatever you wanted to call it; last Hammond had heard, base scuttlebutt was pulling for “wriggle”. Even so. Janet had diagnosed stress. Northland had claimed not to know the meaning of the word. The good doctor had then upped the ante and challenged the sergeant to try manning the general’s phone lines and word processor for three weeks.

So far, Northland had fought the paperwork to a draw. So far.

As for bringing up a competing military service, the sergeant looked completely unrepentant. “With all due respect to our fellow officers and enlisted in the service, sir – Kayaba likes subtle. He deserves to run into guys who think subtle means don’t use the flamethrowers this time.”


37 thoughts on “Waking to Another Sky Ch2 bit – Judgment Calls

  1. Interesting. Looks like the SGC now have access to recordings from the game.

    Combining that with whatever they are finding in the manuals, it seems they are starting to piece to together just what Kayaba was pulling (the ‘subtle’ mention). Well, aside from the whole Death game thing that is.

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    1. The servers are right there, and they don’t have to worry no more about killing people. General rule is if you have the hardware and know what you are doing, you can break into a computer.

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      1. > He really wants Kayaba’s head!>
        Can’t wait until they see the floor 74 and 75 battles.

        74 would result in some interesting comments towards the Army’s ‘strategy’ and 75 would cement the opinion that the clearers had the proverbial Trinium balls.

        Because Skull Reaper is the sort of gribble that is in the ‘pull back and call in an air strike’ category. Not ‘three people keep it’s attention while the rest mob the flanks’.

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      2. >And the clearers probably would have called an air strike if that had been possibility for them. Since it wasn’t, they had to find alternative methods.>
        I’m referring more to their actions.

        While they were shocked and frightened, they didn’t stay frozen in terror for very long. They were stuck with a giant boss that had four health bars and was one-hit-killing the raid members. And the only way to make it out alive was to somehow defeat this monster.

        Not exactly a situation conductive to rational, calm thought processes..

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  2. >>So far, Northland had fought the paperwork to a draw. So far.

    I’m reminded of Hammond’s secretary in the Urban Legends ‘verse, Naomi Jarvis. Who survived in the position because she’s a civilian, and so is allowed to snark back at him. “You bellowed, sir?”
    Also, be careful, Gunny… If you survive the position too well, you may get stuck in it.

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      1. >something a lot of SG canon ignores, too often.>
        Well of course. Happy, sane, stable individuals don’t produce nearly the amount of drama that keeps the viewers watching the show.

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      2. Yeah.

        A lot of stuff like this forgets that Turbo is a button you push down and release, not tape down. Not unless you want to break someone and eventually they will. And eventually you will not be able to cobble them back together Humpty Dumpty style. Note that those shatterings, especially that final shattering, can get very, very ugly.

        Nobody can be on duty 24-7-365. Nobody.

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  3. -Double checks SAO ep 14-
    I knew something was off about the SGC having access to the data on the servers. In canon Kayaba said that all the data was being erased from the server drives on the completion of the game.

    Here all the data is apparently still there in the quantum drives that SGC has access to. Makes me wonder if Yui has any ‘siblings’ running around inside the servers. After all, she apparently wasn’t the only AI system used in SAO, just the one that caught in a catch 22 situation, went insane and tried to escape.

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      1. >“You married my daughter, and had _how_ many kids?”>
        Remember that Yui broke down/went rampant because her new orders (do nothing and observe the players) went 100% counter to the inbuilt directives that were the core of her very existence (Mental Health Counseling Program and all that).

        Any other AIs would have been running the mobs, controlling the NPCs, managing environmental functions, generating quests etc. They wouldn’t have had nearly the level of conflict about the whole situation. Other then tossing a notice to the main Cardinal mind that MHCP001 is glitching out, might want to do something about that.

        If anything, any ‘irritation’ that they may experience would be occurring now since all the players have logged out. And because it looks like they aren’t intending to come back, now the AIs are twiddling their run-times because there is literally nothing to do anymore.

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      2. >If they’re currently active, and not in wait states.>
        But that would prevent the scene of Hammond and all the players going bone-white when Yui tells them that all the AIs in the system (that might now have access to the wider internet) are very Very Bored. *EG*
        >I thought there was mention of other MHCPs that did just go inactive, unlike Yui?>
        Only one I know of is Strea who is non-canon (only shows up in the games).

        I’m not 100% sure if the Cardinal system is one big multi-faceted AI with sub-personalities etc or Cardinal directs lesser more specialized AIs in various tasks.

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