Waking to Another Sky Ch2 bit – A Little Crush

“What’s going on?” Blond-isha tugged at her hand. “What’d he tell them?”

Um. That was complicated. “Kirito-san told them we’re out of the game,” Silica said. “That we shouldn’t fight anymore, even if some people made bad choices in Aincrad.” She’d heard what Laughing Coffin had done to some people. Trapping them, forcing them to kill each other… it was awful. “Everyone lost someone. It hurts.”

“Wait, wait, wait – you knew you were losing people?” Alarm flashed on his face, followed by a scowl that reminded Silica of Agil in a grumpy mood. “Guys in charge said you were all in a coma… um. Hi. Not used to patients I have to introduce myself to. I’m a vet, not a doc. Rob Flint. You?”

“Silica,” she said, distracted. “Kirito-san – what happened? People were saying the Knights thought they’d found the 75th boss, but there wasn’t anything new in the paper, or the guidebooks. That means something really bad happened. But the clearers were going after it anyway….”

Huh. Why was Kirito a little red? And not looking anywhere near her?

Why am I so chilly?

Um. Bare arms. White wrapped around her, but not much, and it was thin and papery and – oh no, she needed gear, she needed gear now, but menus wouldn’t work and this was really the real world and what did she do now oh

She hadn’t wrapped up in a sheet to keep the boogieman away in years. Not that Kirito was anything like a boogieman, he was really nice, and strong, and….

Okay. Deep breaths. She could look at the room. And Kirito. Really. “Did you…?”

Kirito had been studying another corner of the room like he expected an invisible mob to creep down the wall. Now he glanced her way, still a little pink. “I didn’t.”

“I don’t believe this. You, little lady, are way too young to – ah, hell, at least he did the decent thing,” Flint-isha muttered. “Crush alert, oy, who do I even talk to about this….”


21 thoughts on “Waking to Another Sky Ch2 bit – A Little Crush

      1. Unexpected side effect of needing to classify //right the heck now// if that Red player has you out-stated in equipment? Probably helps to gauge party strength as well…

        Random thought: As someone whom ever watched SAO, I’m curious if PUGs ever happened and/or happened often.

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      2. Yeah, PUG’s happened all the time. Silica for instance was invited to them all the time because she was the mascot/idol of the midliners. Though a PUG might last weeks if the circumstances are right. For instance the group Silica was in with Rosallia had been together for a week at least IIRC.

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      3. Pugs probably did happen but probably not often. Take the truly awful people you find in them, both in terms of skill and personality, and then consider if you screw up you are going to die.

        I guess the Cleaner raids were probably the closest thing to a traditional PuG. However reputation was probably very important, which I guess is where people like Argo came in. Did this player cut and run, leaving their party members to die? Does this player know how to manage Agro effectively?

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    1. Plus hospital gowns aren’t great for dignity.

      No they aren’t.

      But compromise can be an inperfect art and hospital gowns are a compromise between the medical people needing quick and easy access to their patient’s body in order to treat them and the patient’s dignity and comfort.

      And I think most people would agree that short paper gown that doesn’t close up the back is better than nothing.

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  1. >“Wait, wait, wait – you knew you were losing people?” Alarm flashed on his face, followed by a scowl that reminded Silica of Agil in a grumpy mood. “Guys in charge said you were all in a coma>
    Now this is interesting.

    It will be interesting to see the preconceptions people had towards what the players were experiencing.

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