Sanzo vs. the Alien Invasion Ch3 bit – Party Crashers

A/N: Got a neat pair of fancraft earrings done, but ran out of light for pics today. So… ficbit. 🙂

Sanzo rolled his eyes, and helped Goku haul the unconscious survivor down into a love nest turned hacker’s den. Though given there were two beds down here, too, he was willing to bet someone else crashed with Sha from time to time.

Let’s hope they don’t come back anytime soon. That would be annoying.

Though not as annoying or prone to gunfire as staying upstairs would have been. The Guard had a lot of bureaucrats cluttering up the upper ranks, but they weren’t dumb. If his temple-granted snoop programs had picked up someone fleeing the scene of a possible akuma attack-

It’d been hours since then. Odds were, the Guard should be tracking Hakuryuu’s likely line of travel right about… now.

Frequency shifted, plates switched out, the little dragon fried the blood inside… think we’re good to go. Gojyo swiped sweat off his forehead as he stood up from changing the plate-

Grabbed the front bumper and hung on, swaying, as the world went dizzy all over.

Damn it! Jerk-priest said he’d killed this thing!

No, a programmer’s memory grumpily pointed out, Sanzo had said he’d made it survivable. Not at all the same thing.


Gojyo patted the furry head, gleaming white in the barest shreds of dawn. “Get inside and out of sight. I don’t like the feel of things out here….”

Which, of course, was when his own persacomm buzzed his wrist, as his perimeter alarms went off.

More than one vehicle, and closing fast, Gojyo thought, almost throwing the startled dragon-drone inside. If they’re military-specced, they know I had an alarm set up.


13 thoughts on “Sanzo vs. the Alien Invasion Ch3 bit – Party Crashers

  1. There’s a dialogue bit. It fits this situation very well, with minor tweaking…

    “Sir, we’re surrounded!”
    “Excellent! We can attack in any direction!”

    “Sanzo! We’re surrounded!”
    “That’s nice. *BANG* Pick a direction.”

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  2. No, a programmer’s memory grumpily pointed out, Sanzo had said he’d made it survivable. Not at all the same thing.

    Not even close.

    . . . I have the feeling things about to get messy and interesting. Very interesting. And very messy.

    And that’s not counting when, as was pointed out above, that Sanzo realizes that he is now stuck with three idiots.

    And I think he thinks that is, somewhat, someway, at least partially Kanzeon’s fault. Because hir finds his annoyance and exasperation to be amusing.

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    1. Kanzeon is the type to find everything about this amusing even if xe didn’t put it into motion. Xe’s a pain and that’s part of why Sanzo doesn’t like xer. Of course, so much is explained by Gaiden making xer his aunt.

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      1. I still like Sleeps with Coyotes “Gaidencraft” ‘verse (up on Archive of Our Own), where Kanzeon is Konzen’s spiritual Aunt, and Konzen has a very specific reason not to lose his temper, ever.

        (And se makes sure he does, because the results are spectacular.)

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