Earring Tales: Dual Blades

Yes! Done!


Lachie and I were mutually poking the Fire Mountain Beads site when Lachie ran across the turquoise 2XAB crystals and noted they had the right kind of sheen for Dark Repulser. From there it was a matter of poking through my bead stash to find 2 kinds of white, very pale aqua, and pale blue, to blend to the translucent blue bugles.

Elucidator was trickier. After all, black and near-black; and figuring out what crystals might fit took a while. I finally settled on heliotrope, which has a blue-purple flash to it. Doesn’t show up as well in this photo as in sunlight, darn.

As a side note, I find holding a camera steady to focus one of the trickiest parts of crafting. Annoying, that.

Comments? Suggestions?

(And if anyone’s interested… eBay.)


15 thoughts on “Earring Tales: Dual Blades

  1. I think they look pretty.

    Through I imagine anyone wearing them will require having to explain more than once that, yes, they are wearing those on purpose. Because it looks said person put on an earring from one pair in one ear and put the earring from an entirely different pair in their other ear. Jewelry version of wearing two different socks.

    Nothing wrong with it. Just an observation that people are going to be like “You know those earrings don’t match?”
    And probably not understand when you say “Actually they do.”

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      1. Kanshou and Bakuya are the paired black and white falchions(?) of Emiya Shirou and/or Heroic Spirit/Counter-Guardian Archer/EMIYA/just-how-convoluted-is-this-guy’s-story-this-week? Quite a nice pair of swords, with some special traits that make them surprisingly good projectile weapons…

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