Waking to Another Sky Ch2 bit – Setup

“You two look a lot better.”

Kirito let Klein drag him into another quick hug, noting how the guild leader looked a little less strained around the eyes. Part of that had to be the fact that Klein had obviously acquired some hot water and soap of his own; still damp, his mop of unruly red had been semi-tamed by a pale blue scrunchie. “You smell better, too,” Kirito teased. Caught Asuna’s sudden glance down, and covered her eyes. And his own. “Just one problem.”

“Legs,” Asuna managed, caught between a shriek and a giggle.

“Hairy legs.” Kirito almost stifled a snicker. “Brain bleach. Please.”

“Oi! Some thanks I get.” But Klein grinned as he pulled on dark red scrubs. “The docs are scraping stuff together as fast as they can, but it looks like a lot of guys are going to be feeling a draft tonight. Some people would rather stick with paper and sheets than wear another guild’s colors.” He shrugged. “Can’t say I blame them.”

Kirito nodded, remembering how fast he’d ditched the Knights’ white and red. It was one thing to be offered the chance to join a guild. That spectacle Heathcliff – Kayaba – had made of their duel….

It’s over, he reminded himself, checking where Agil, Argo, and anyone else he knew were standing in their ward. He didn’t have to look for Asuna. She was a light he could have found with his eyes closed; warm and breathing and alive.

Yet if it was over, why were Agil and Fuurinkazan standing guard?

Asuna braced herself, and gestured Agil and Argo over. “We need to talk to everyone in the last raid. We need to tell them, we don’t know why we’re still….” She swallowed.

“Yeah,” Agil said heavily. “Argo has a few ideas about that.”

“So do you.” Argo glanced at the axe-wielder, obviously intrigued. “I like yours better.”

Agil shrugged. “Hey, we could both be right.”

“There is that,” Argo nodded.

Kirito shivered, chilled. “You know why Kayaba-?” He couldn’t say it.

Agil blew out a slow breath, and herded them toward the little circle of quiet Fuurinkazan had created around Asuna’s bed. “Wish we had a door we could shut…. First thing you two need to know? Not your fault you’re still breathing. He set you up.”


21 thoughts on “Waking to Another Sky Ch2 bit – Setup

  1. First thing you two need to know? Not your fault you’re still breathing. He set you up.”

    *cue dramatic music*

    “Hey, we could both be right.”

    Knowing Murphy and guessing from Kayaba’s twisty-turny mind, both of them mostly likely are. At least to a degree. Their guesses about stuff, like SGC’s guesses about stuff, are happered by the fact that none of them have enough data. And complicated by the fact that critical data either needs to solve the puzzle or at least get a full picture of it is in the hands of the other and neither trusts each other with their secrets . . .

    Did all of these people shout at the top of their voices that Murphy is a wuss and they could take anything it could dish out, no problem?

    Because I would have thought that the only people capable of landing themselves in something this crazy and messy would be one of the Kings. Especially if said King was named Sinbad (or Simon Cavins) and/or Alibaba Saluja (or Alan Ryan).

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  2. “Not your fault you’re still breathing. He set you up.”

    Well, that doesn’t sound nine kinds of ominous. Still wondering if they’re gonna figure out ‘aliens’ or ‘nanomachines’ first

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      1. Will the discovery of aliens be accompanied by the super-intelligent allies who can’t figure out how to use pants, or by Pina getting loose and dive-bombing everyone who is annoying *her* human?

        Bonus points if Pina getting loose means Jack’s Jack-ness literally comes back to bite him in the ass.

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      1. Unfortunately, they also have enough exposure to each other to possibly think that they understand each other. approaching complete strangers could be easier.

        We do have a few people who *might* be slightly more aware of where miscommunication will most likely occur. Klein knows the American military and lived in Japan. Agil is at least peripherally aware of Cheyenne and has been living in Japan. Daniel is SGC’s go-to culture guy, and the fact that he hasn’t gotten his entire team killed yet argues that he has some idea of what he’s doing.

        How much head-desking will these three be doing? More importantly, how much head-desking will be caused by one of the other two “experts” missing pieces of the puzzle and making the whole mess even worse when they try to fix things?

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      2. >Well, yes. The players don’t yet realize they’re alien to both, now…. 😉>
        I imagine that this is going to change pretty fast when they can have some actual conversations with ‘Otherverse’ people. What they’ve been having so far with SG1 and Janet most definitely do not count.

        And honestly that will be one of the first big steps towards calming down this whole mess. When both sides realize that the other group is pretty alien in culture/mentality and won’t react in the same way they would.

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      3. >Good points!>
        Of course the question becomes how long will it take for Jack to comprehend this fact.
        I’m calling sometime after the midway point in chapter four at the earliest.

        Because chapter two is the factions taking potshots and Jack just stomped off so can’t have it here. Chapter three is likely going to be stuff blowing up/people comparing notes and trying to get answers. Chapter four is when stuff is figured out and people start beating Jack over the head with the facts.

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