Pensacon and Sanzo Invasion bit

So. Pensacon starts tomorrow. Aiiieeee….

Forgive the attack of nerves. Fortunately, I can avoid some of the parking hassle by trading “I’ll look for neat art books for you” for a ride. Unfortunately, I seem to have a stubborn low-grade cold. Not enough to take me down completely, but it looks like I’ll only be there a few hours each afternoon. Hopefully long enough to poke around, hand out bookmarks, and take notes!

…Now Sanzo, and a much nastier bug….

“He’s awake already.” There was a distinctive, threatening click. “Cho. We don’t know if breaking you out would screw up parts you don’t want torn off. Feel up to cracking out yourself?”

Cracking? What

It was like reaching and listening at once; fingertips brushing the edge of a coin’s rattling spin in the dark. Something thick but breakable around him. Two-legged shapes a bit further away, bright with the electricity of living warmth. Two of those seemed human, but the smaller one writhed….

:Awake? Yay! Come out, come hunt, come play!:

Eager as a wolf cub with a fresh bone. That had to be Goku.

I’m alive. I’m… sane? I think?

Sanzo had kept his promise. Time for a monster to keep his own.

It was tight, and there wasn’t much room for leverage. But whatever it was around him felt breakable as bread crust. All he had to do was push, and strain-


“O…kay,” Sha got out, staring wide-eyed with what was left of his metal pipe in hand. “You’re sure you whacked the virus?”

“Yes.” Sanzo took one long step forward, and offered his hand.

Shakily, Cho took it. Claws, he thought, feeling them slide out a little at the tempting nearness of a human who smelled right-

“You get one clawing when you don’t know what you’re doing. Then I shoot you.” Sanzo’s tone might as well have been pointing out the salt was on his side of the table, stop bothering him. “You will not infect me, because as far as the Maten Sutra’s concerned I’m alien enough already. And it does not like competition.”

Oh dear. “I wasn’t thinking-”

“Exactly.” Sanzo made sure he was standing, not even glancing at naked, green-patterned tentacles, much less naked everything else. “Gojyo’s got a shower over this way. Your claws are infectious but the rest of you isn’t, so go ahead and swipe his soap.”


43 thoughts on “Pensacon and Sanzo Invasion bit

    1. Later in this chapter Sanzo tells them it’s been a few months since he picked up Goku. Which seems a reasonable length of time, to me, for Nii to… play with things before he lets them loose again. Eep.

      And yes. Sanzo. *G* Poster child for Good Is Not Nice. I love that about him.

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  1. “It does not like competition.”

    …There’s a story there. A long story. And wondering what that story might be brings to mind watching a hurricane: Simultaneous fascination and horror.

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      1. That sounds like the kind of thing that can net you a Darwin Award. Except //Sanzo// so the Darwin Award goes to whatever tried to eat him.

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  2. Congratulations on the con, I hope it goes well. And don’t push yourself too hard on the “neat”, which there should be a ton of it.

    Also, I like Sanzo in this, he makes perfect sense to me.

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  3. Pensacon starts tomorrow.

    Just remember that this trip is part research and a bit of marketing, it is also supposed to be fun.

    Don’t forget the bunny chew toys – you might need to toss them one when they get ideas so you can take notes and work on other ongoing projects in peace.

    Maten Sutra’s concerned I’m alien enough already. And it does not like competition.”

    And the Sutra joins the “Mine! You stay out!” Club for Territorial Alien Lifeforms / Artificial Intelligence.

    One of the other club members is the Shi no Yami from Upon A Fiery Steed.

    There is debate about some of the Djinn. Technically they are aliens and some of them are pretty possessive of their Kings. Particularly were nasty invaders are concerned.

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      1. Djinn as aliens. *Snrk*

        It could be fun. Crazy but fun.

        Oh, don’t tempt the bunnies….

        They have a habit of giving me what look like innocent comments but that they know perfectly well is bunny bait.

        And sometimes they nibble off some of it themselves and speculate wildly.

        Like right now, some of them are trying to make me think about Magi in the Project Universe.

        Evil, crazy critters.

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      2. Oh dear . . .

        The bunnies either a much, much earlier test run of the virus(es).


        The results of yet another virus


        Well, you said that there are several species of Arracanar.

        And we know some of them in Bleach resembled cats – and the Fanalis are Red Lions.


      3. Ethnicities.*headdesks* My brain had one of its moments where it knows there is a better word to use in the sentence but it just can’t think of it.

        bunnies haven’t got details. Yet.
        I’m sure they will come up with something . . .

        Oh my . . . what sharp teeth you bunnies have . . . nice bunnies . . .

        Other people get nice muses. I get Lovecraftian critters calling themselves bunnies . . . and like encouraging their fellow plot-eldritch horrors that have attached themselves to other writers.

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      4. Reminds of the Sanzo and Sinbad in Star Wars bunnies that I’ve been struggling with. I’ve checked recently, and for the period I’m interested in, I can lean heavily on WWI. (…and I’ve just asked myself if what I can lean on includes Hammer’s Slammers. The answer is no, not in this period, but there is something I can borrow.)

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  4. Oh, wait, rereading this, Hakkai has tentacles. And I’m really trying not to jump to conclusions given you said there was different breeds, but is Hakkai a Shinigami? And are the Shinigami also contagious through their claws, or did they stomp that in their vaccine? And if they did, does that mean Hakkai is something of a feral Shinigami? And because Gojyo didn’t get the chrysalis treatment, is he more along the lines of a Quincy? Like, didn’t start that way but, hey, now more like a ‘normal’ Quincy then a Shinigami powered one.

    Also, now thinking if how Shinigami would reproduce… And if the more baseline human looking ones will ever have a set of genes get together, throw a party, and produce a Shinigami.

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    1. I should really put up a long post on what Arrancar are in this AU at some point, because I have ideas on their reproduction and how it surprises people….

      To answer your specific question – Hakkai and sane youkai are, like the shinigami, a mostly human result from tampering with the alien virus they encountered. Only 1) the akuma virus has some differences from the Hollow virus (contagious by claws instead of tentacles, for one) and 2) Hakkai’s virus was altered by alien technology (the Maten Sutra) instead of desperate human researchers. This produces… somewhat different results. *EG*

      Gojyo is figuring out what he is. It may involve lots of mishaps.

      And yes, “normal” results might indeed have a very squirmy kid, if all other conditions are met….

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      1. Interesting . . .

        We know we are going to get kids in the Project Universe at some point . . . after all, have to get Ichigo eventually.

        Through one wonders if and how Yamamoto’s old army buddy Kuchiki’s grandson becomes a Shinigami . . . but one also suspects that would be spoiler-ific in addition to being down the road so is content to be wonder.

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