Sanzo vs. the Alien Invasion Ch3 bit – Cleanup

A/N:  I’ll type up another post on Pensacon when I’ve had a little more rest. 🙂 But among other neat things I saw there was fanart by Miho. She was kind enough to tell me how to pack the prints to ship, so I may have presents for a few people…. For now, have some spooked Gojyo!

“Get clean, Sanzo says he’s got something to hide you and we might have to bug out of here in a hurry. I keep playing innocent lowlife criminal for the Guard patrols that sweep through here, but I don’t think they’re buying it.” Gojyo grimaced, eyes bloodshot. “From what Sanzo told me… well, I wouldn’t buy it either. This is a nightmare. Or a bad movie on the sci-fi holo channel. Maybe both.”

“What Sanzo-?” Cho cut himself off, and scrambled over the edge of the tub. “Never mind. You can tell me everything after we’re on our way- Wait. Is Hakuryuu-?”

“Upstairs.” Gojyo leaned against the sink, tension easing out of bare shoulders as Cho turned the hot water on. “We tried to explain what was going on, and he’s a damn advanced AI, but we weren’t sure how he’d take you waking up if you weren’t, you know….”

“Sane?” Cho finished, relieved to find out that honest soap did work on this slime. Even on green-and-brown furred tentacles… and why he wasn’t screaming at those, he had no idea. Though the hot water felt very nice. “I’m… not actually sure I am, yet.”

“Huh. Fair.” Gojyo cleared his throat, dark hair damp from the steam. “Um. When Hakuryuu was trying to talk me into helping you, he mentioned his owner was….” His fist hit the wall with surprising force; pale blue paint cracked. “Ah, damn it, I’m no good at this. You need to talk?”

Hakuryuu’s… Kanan. Oh. “No,” Cho whispered, pain slicing his heart like an icy razor. “No, I… can’t. Yet.”

“Okay,” Gojyo breathed out, thumping back against the sink. “Don’t know if it means much, but – I’m sorry. Nobody should… ah, man. We’re in the middle of a horror movie, and our very own holy roller carries a gun instead of prayer beads. This sucks.”

Slime gone, thank goodness. Hair… oh. That was very odd. Cho worked up a lather first, then gingerly rinsed it through the tingly strands. Not black anymore, but a green so dark it’d pass for that shade in most light. Though that didn’t even begin to handle how they’d hide the tentacles. Or the ears. Or the claws.


20 thoughts on “Sanzo vs. the Alien Invasion Ch3 bit – Cleanup

  1. Well, the hair is proof positive that youkai and Shinigami were different breeds, even if we didn’t have Word of God to tell us. The Shinigami have tendrils and minitentacles there. Wait, does this mean Shinigami and Seireitai residents are clean shaven *naturally?* No leg or arm pit hair? That might almost be worth a second round with puberty. (Except for having arms that went all over the place, puberty wasn’t terrible for me. Having to walk a mile to the bus and a mile home everyday helped me keep my legs under control.)

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      1. Ah. That will be distressing.

        … Can I get his odds on being tritiya? Or, heck, how likely is Sanzo to turn up tritiya?

        …… And are hanyou possible? Or, well, is it possible to have Ichigo’s canon pre-Masaki Nerfing ancestry? (Freaking yes Masaki was Nerfed. Making her a nonstandard human was saying she wasn’t badass enough to take on a Hollow and win the war even if she lost that battle. It’s the same thing that gets me with people who tinker with Lily Evans’ family tree in Harry Potter. What, are they trying to say a Mudblood isn’t good enough to go toe to toe with Flight From Death? If done well, it is compelling. Most aren’t. (Though one of my favs is A Jaded Family where Lily’s father is a certain playboy hitman Sun. And Harry is chasing down the Estraneo Famiglia for kidnapping Teddy, with Reborn in Japan. Denying he might have a grand kid while threatening Shamal to ‘find out. Watch over.’))

        How many times has Gojyo had to play his part now? (How bad of a feeling did Kanan have, if she’d had that contingency in place? And was Gojyo a lucky chance, or did she have someplace picked out?)

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      2. I’m not spoilering the ikkou. It’s delightfully messy. 🙂

        Still working out exactly what hanyou are in this setting – Gojyo may be a special case.

        As for Masaki, I think she was badass enough human, and the whole “secret Quincy” thing makes bunnies argh.

        Gojyo playing his part – at least once a day for 3 days, his nerves are shot.

        Kanan… well, she stole Hakuryuu (bunnies have not given details yet). So she’s always been prepped for a getaway.

        Gojyo was luck. 😉

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  2. Though that didn’t even begin to handle how they’d hide the tentacles. Or the ears. Or the claws.

    Not unreasonable question.

    Through Sanzo has managed to keep Goku intact.

    Maybe that’s where this ‘verse limiters come in? Some kind of holographic project that hides everything that needs hiding? At least from sight. Through this bunch looks weird and dangerous enough that most people wouldn’t risk getting close enough to notice that it’s just a holograph.

    . . . .This sucks.”

    That does sum it all up very nicely. Thank you Gojyo.

    And thank you for hard work at looking if not innocent, completely ignorant of anything involving something out of a bad scifi movie. You have a pretty good clueless look but I don’t think these are your run of the mill Guards. Also they might be not be eager to come back to their superiors empty-handed.

    Plus they might have the Vimes outlook that you might be guilty of this thing but you are certainly guilty of something.

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    1. Ah, but that’s why he gave up a stolen truck. Granted, he apparently didn’t realize it was stolen st the time, but a determined lawyer could probably nail him with receiving and possession of stolen goods. Part of Gojyo’s protection is that they already have some leverage over him.

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  3. You mentioned Kougaiji in your last post. He’s a personal favorite (if only because he’s a bit of a Disney Princess – anyone else notice the evil stepmother parallels). Was/Is his mother first generation human to youkai like in Nature Trail to Hell? Or was he human to youkai himself?

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      1. Ouch. Yeah, not much up from there. Or, to quote Rincewind in the original Discworld game, “the tone of this town is really going downhill. And it started at the bottom anyway.”

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      2. Lirin comes out okay, though!

        Likely a good thing. Because I assume we like that planet and would like it to stay in one piece.

        Still, I don’t think, once he can do something permanent to them, the responsible parties will be able to find a hole deep enough to hide in. Because while she came out okay . . .

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  4. What was powering the sleeper ships? I know carbon-14 diamonds weren’t around when you started this, but you might want to squirrel this information away for later.

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