Earring Tales: Steampunk Druid

So I got these new bugle beads….


The large bugles reminded me a bit of cammo, and I also wanted to play with the tiny coppery bugle beads used near the bottom. Greens and browns seemed to be the way to go.

In case anyone’s wondering why I keep using similar styles, there’s a simple answer. There’s someone in the family who wants to learn beading. I keep telling them to read the book, that’s how I learned. They keep wanting to watch. I’m hoping repetition will finally get something through. So… *Rueful G*


10 thoughts on “Earring Tales: Steampunk Druid

  1. Different people have different learning patterns, so maybe they do need to watch? Or bite the bullet and just work with the cheaper stuff to try and grasp it. I know a lot of people who they have to do hands on to actually learn.

    It’s pretty, the ones on the bottom seem like they should be a shade darker green, though that may be the lighting.

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      1. Actually, I think it works out nicely. (Need a break from studying. I meant to do it yesterday, but guess who read the schedule wrong at work? Was supposed to be there at nine, didn’t get there till 10:15 and didn’t leave until 10pm.)

        What I don’t understand is why you’re calling it “Steampunk.” Well, I almost get it. The long beads at the top kind of look like copper or brass, with the cylinders at the bottom almost appear to be coppery glass… Ok, so now it’s putting me in mind of a burnt down old church with copper/brass fittings and broken stained glass windows wrapped up in greenery. Or maybe what Aerith’s church would have looked like, if Shinra hadn’t built Midgar with the Plate. And Aerith is the closest that game had to druid, well. Her and Yuffie one could argue…

        Wow, I am rambling so badly right now. Sorry, I’m just gonna head for bed and try to be more coherent in the morning.

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  2. This looks amazing. I am a really big fan or greens and coppers.

    Color wise I want to say try more olive colors with those coppers. Your greens almost look too cool against the warmth of the coopers and yellow-green crystals. Maybe the lightest green for more off a transition or adding another color, olive?

    Sorry, this is what art school ends up doing.

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