Resident Evil 2 and Escaping Reality

As Tolkien put it, the only people who frown at escape are jailers.

Sometimes you really, really, really need to get outside your own head. And if you’re not inclined to drink or other mood-altering substances, good fiction is the way to do it.

Some situations, you need more “out of your head” than others. I’m currently watching a Resident Evil 2 walkthrough vid (Leon), because it’s that or reality and right now I would really rather deal with zombies, thanks.

For all the videogame aspects (healing herbs growing in the oddest places, ammo almost any time you turn around), the game builds the horror atmosphere  very effectively, drawing you in to the character’s life-or-death struggle even with (by today’s standards) somewhat less realistic graphics.

Part of that is the sound. Not just the soundtrack; though that’s creepily effective, sometimes even more so in places where there is no background music. But the sound of footfalls on different surfaces gives you the sense of someone actually traversing the terrain; from concrete to steel-runged ladders to fire escapes and floating wooden boxes. Scraping of objects over floors, creaking of doors, the ting of something falling from a hidden compartment – all those give you the “next best thing to being there” engagement with the environment.

Another part is the in-game option to avoid combat, as much as possible. Which is realistic. Leon’s not there to kill zombies; he’s there to find survivors and try to escape with them. You have to shoot some things, but you have the option to try to run.

And one of the things that really draws you in is, Leon is a genuinely good guy in an awful situation, trying to do what’s right.

…Not to mention when undead butt does need to be kicked, he’s good at it!

(And according to Word of God, he did it all with a hangover…)

So. A good guy, trying to do good things, up against incredible odds. What’s not to like?

Going to get me some more sneaking by zombies, now….



21 thoughts on “Resident Evil 2 and Escaping Reality

  1. …Actually? Leon managed to Snake-level stealth his way into that Majarahan fic I’ve been bouncing around. Even though I //hate// zombies with a passion — seriously, the only zombie I can stand is in Plants Vs. Zombies — I could not resist the “good guy stuck in a bad situation” awesome that is Leon.

    If you’re looking for good escape from reality type stuff, might I recommend Xenoblade Chronicles X? Or even Xenoblade? Both have good plots, that also deal with, “Oh God the world is ending how do we deal with this?” in more or less realistic ways — with added bonus of incredible world building! Unless you really want zombies, at which point, enjoy…?

    (Seriously. Chronicles starts with the Earth blowing up. Fun stuff! Also, Elma rocks.)

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      1. It’s a fic I’ve been working on that Vathara and her blog inspired. …it’s been slow going. I blame the fight scenes. They’re so… fighty.

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      2. And it does not help that the bunnies are all, “Ooh, ooh, ooh, and then he does that awesome bouncy thing!” and give a very clear //visual// on the super awesome bouncy thing.

        But conveniently neglect to explain //how to describe it// in a written medium so that it does //not// loose awesome and/or cause the fight scene to drag on needlessly. Picture’s worth a thousand words, indeed…

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  2. For a good world escape, I recommend Grimm, because the main character Nick tries so hard to overcome his bloody heritage and be different. A few seasons in, you’re just thinking ‘wow, life kicked this guy in the balls…give him a break, please!’. His friend Monroe also struggles with a bloody history, which is cool, since it’s not all focused on Nick, there is attention paid to other characters too. 🙂

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  3. because it’s that or reality and right now I would really rather deal with zombies, thanks.


    Good fiction is a good way to run away without ever leaving the house. Zombie stories aren’t my thing but to each their own.

    Through I understand the enjoyment of imaging the zombies being blown away as whoever is currently annoying the ever living daylights out of you. I also tend to make note of those people for my writing – okay, when the monsters eat someone, they are eating these people.

    Escape fiction tends to be either a well-worn favorite that I don’t mind watching / reading again and again. Or just something that makes me smile. Or things that make me laugh.

    Sometimes this is commercial made stuff. Sometimes it’s fan made stuff.

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  4. Urk. Sounds like a very bad day. I’m not one for games as much, so I go with books. Anything by Terry Prachett is good, though I prefer the Discworld books, either the ones focusing on the City Watch or the Witches. (Sam Vimes and Granny Weatherwax are my favorite characters, though Tiffany Aching is a close contender.)

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  5. Honor Harrington/Safehold/Bible for me!The bible has more twists than most movies.Example:egyptian exile always makes me facepalm.Seven plagues targeted at 7 most powerful Gods of Egypt,Frigging tidal wave striking only your enemy,and you complain about the FOOD!?Pillar of fire by night and cloud by day-on demand no less- and you decide to make an idol 2 days after being told[God’s laws coming soon,wait]

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  6. Sorry about wall o’text, but there is a reason why common sense isn’t. In other words:Don’t piss off God,and he generally won’t treat you like the Amekalites(Sp?). They pissed God off,guess what the only reference to them is?(hint: God’s order to blot them out from under heaven.)

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  7. I know most of my escape fiction tends to be fan fic.

    I read ship fic. A lot of ship fic. Because straight up romance doesn’t usually do it for me (I need some Action/Adventure in my source material, thanks), but fluff scenes between two characters I’m fond of feels like the emotional equivalent of a nice, warm, soft blanket to wrap around me on a bad day. And Action/Adventure-based source material tends to spread those scenes out around the Action at the center of said source material.

    Which I’m fine with! Not only that, but I generally prefer it! It makes the world feel like there’s more to it and going on than just the rom-antics of the main characters and frankly makes for a better story overall. But when I need comfort fiction? Give me mah fuzzies.

    If you’re enjoying your clever hero and well built world? Go you! Zombies and horror included. But oh man, with genuine mutually supportive fluff on a bad day I can weather any storm.

    … Some of your KaouruxKenshin scenes from Witchy Woman, and AlanxMorgan pieces from What Comes Around may be amongst my favorite examples of this.

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