Earring Tales: Amethyst Crystals

Upfront admission here: I look terrible in purple. As a color I love it, I just can’t wear it. So… this will have to be for someone who does look good in it.


One of the nice things about this design is it uses pretty much the same basic stitch techniques as the “Apache-style” earrings with the drops that I also make. Ladder stitch, thread-hiding, Comanche stitch, and lots and lots of weaving in threads.

There’s two main difficulties in making this design.

First, it takes a lot of thread. Meaning you either work with 3-4 yards of Nymo (which wants to tangle around everything), or you end up splicing in a new thread partway through. Meh.

Second… it’s a lot of repetition. A lot. Hours and hours. I can do it a smidge faster now that I’ve made the pattern a few times, but it takes a while!

Can’t argue with the results, though. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Earring Tales: Amethyst Crystals

  1. The results are really pretty. That makes the hours and hours of repetition worth it.

    I based that opinion on doing my own craft projects. Current one involves satin stitching (the one where the pattern is filled in by the thread) which looks really pretty – and takes forever.

    Purple is one of my favorite colors too. I can wear the darker shades of it like royal purple. But the lighter shades are usually a no go. Largely because lighter shades tend to be pastels which I cannot wear at all (people ask me if I’m feeling unwell or coming down with something if I try).

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