Earring Tales: Hawaiian Bonfire

I swear, when I looked at these bugles, I said “Matte topaz nothing. That’s wood.”



Tried to go for “fire climbing upward, smoke rising into a clear blue sky.”

Six colors in each drop, but just seed beads, so this is actually a bit shorter than a lot of my earrings. 🙂

Comments? Suggestions?

Hawaiian Bonfire.

Amethyst Diamonds.



12 thoughts on “Earring Tales: Hawaiian Bonfire

  1. I don’t like the brown twisted beads at least in the photos. They don’t look like smoke to me. They look like wood logs. I think I’d rather a grey/blue in their place. You nailed the fire and the sky though.

    Your earrings look much better in person than they photograph so take that into consideration.

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      1. I usually envision logs -> fire -> smoke -> sky. So how about a reverse? Mixed browns on top, to the logs, to the fire, and the sky/smoke (grays to blue) at the bottom? The current design looks out of balance to me. The browns and fire reds dominate. The sky and smoke get lost. Or you could just do the top mixed browns and tawnies and let go of the smoke completely. Just wood and fire. My two cents.

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  2. Your color choices are perfect for the look you are going for. I just wish there was more blue. I don’t work with beads but maybe a few more rows of blue. So you got a third blue to two thirds fire.

    The bugles are interesting for their lack of shine but I kind of want them to be shorter. Could they be the draping beads? At the bottom with something blue/smoky as the bugles? Maybe some bugles of different length to echo the chevron of the drape.

    And this has turned into some random design thoughts. Maybe some might inspire you.

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  3. The fire is the dominant element of the piece. Not a bad thing, just that it and the “wood” draw the eye first. The blue was small that I honestly missed it until it was pointed out. But that might also be an artifact of the not being able to see it in person. The blue might pop more there than in a photograph.

    Feels vaguely like it is upside down in some way? Like the smoke is rising into the blue sky from the underside of the wood as it is rising from the opposite end of the flames?

    It might just be me.

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      1. Please take into account that I don’t do this kind of beading and that any suggestion I make needs to be taken with a boulder-sized grain of salt. I’ve seen some beaded earrings that might be able to be modified into a “climbing smoke in a clear blue sky” top for the earrings if you wanted to make it look like the smoke was spreading instead of only rising straight up. While the colors and color patterns are all wrong, images that show the beading patterns can be seen here:

        and here: https://ny-image2.etsy.com/000/0/6272677/il_fullxfull.322194270.jpg
        and here: https://img0.etsystatic.com/059/0/9841613/il_fullxfull.768774092_4iex.jpg

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