Sanzo vs. the Alien Invasion Ch3 bit – Aura

“Se does that on purpose.” Sanzo’s murmur was barely audible as the priest bent his head to eye the dragon. “Stand up to hir right from the start, or se’ll run right over you.”

That sounded like the voice of experience. Though Hakkai couldn’t picture Sanzo being run over by anyone.

At the moment, surrounded by Sanzo’s scent, he was trying not to picture anything. It wasn’t as frantic, as burning a need as it’d been before he’d lost consciousness. But Sanzo still smelled so right-

“So now can we have breakfast?” Goku jumped up and headed for the fridge, almost snatching a strip of cold bacon right out of a pan before Gojyo slapped his hand. “I’m starving!”

“Says the bottomless pit,” Sanzo grumbled, stepping away in a waft of disgruntled air. “We’d better head out soon, you’re eating Gojyo out of his supplies.”

“Eh, I can buy more. Might as well eat up the perishables anyway. Not sure when I’ll be back,” Gojyo said practically. “Hey, Hakkai. Hakuryuu won’t mind hauling some computer stuff with us, will he? I’d kind of like to not leave it lying around. Just in case.”

Given that was likely the equipment Gojyo’d used to create a new and fake identity, Hakkai wasn’t fond of leaving it around either. “I… don’t think it will be a problem?” He stroked white fur; was it softer, or was his sense of touch different, too? “What do you think, little one?”

“Kyuu.” Another head-butt, with the faintest brush of :affection, silly to worry, my-person!:

Goku’s head whipped around, unruly brown hair lifting like static. “Hey! I heard that!”

“So did I,” Hakkai managed, wide-eyed. “New sensors… you gave Hakuryuu the equipment to perceive this- what is it, that we’re feeling?”

“Well, among the kami, we call it aural sense,” Kanzeon mused.

21 thoughts on “Sanzo vs. the Alien Invasion Ch3 bit – Aura

  1. Se is so sneaky. And utterly unapologetic about it. Se is binding them together, and as always, se’s mind is too murky for me to see through. Se is setting something up, I just can’t tell what.

    (Oh frak, if Sanzo and Gojyo end up transfusing in this AU… Wait, sorry. Wrong direction. The Maten doesn’t share.)

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    1. ATM Kanzeon just sees, “Oo, this is interesting! Let’s throw them together and see what happens!”

      And *Snrk* a transfusion in this AU is unlikely. Canon, they have two different blood types! Sanzo is A, Gojyo is AB. Only divine intervention made that work in canon. In RL, that should have made Sanzo seriously ill, if not killed him.

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      1. Sanzo is A, Gojyo is AB.


        Yeah, that should have killed him. There is a very good reason the preferred blood to use for transfusions if you don’t have the person’s blood type in store is O-. Because it has no antigens.

        Maybe the author figured that divine intervention was already needed to keep Sanzo’s immune system from attacking everything not-human-at-all in Gojyo’s blood.

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      2. Also part of why I keep having to duck phone calls from the RedCross. I’m O positive, I feel bad for those who are negative and donate. But when they do a drive at work, I get to donate on company time, so. I’ll live.

        What was the rational behind using Gojyo again? Goku is at least an O, and there were already Divine Shenanigans to get the transfusion to work. Unless Goku counts as another divine, and se couldn’t reliably munch the bits, or maybe, given that Goku is the only one who *isn’t* a reincarnation, there would be a resonance from introducing divine bits to Sanzo that se couldn’t hide. Se can hide a lot of things in the fact that Genzo is *hir* Sanzo.

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      3. I haven’t seen that scene but I’m going to assume that it was a whole blood transfusion, not a modern blood transfusion with the fancy equipment to filter out all the plasma components and only put the red blood cells into the recipient. If this was the case anything but a perfectly matched ABO blood type would have made him worse.

        In a red blood cell transfusion if the recipient does not have the same type of antigens as the donor (A and/or B) on their cells, they will have antibodies against those antigens circulating in their bloodstream that will attack and destroy every single donor cell they can find. These lysed blood cells are both incapable of carrying oxygen and toxic in large enough quantities. If the recipient was type AB but the donor was type A than the recipient is used to type A antigen and will not react to it. If the recipient is type A but the donor is type AB than the recipient will not react to the A antigen on the donor cells, but they will react to the B antigen and still destroy every cell they can find.

        If it is a whole blood transfusion than the donor’s antibodies are introduced to the bloodstream along with their blood cells. If the donor was type A but the recipient was type AB than the B-antibodies in the donor’s bloodstream would attack the recipients red blood cells, again making things worse than before. This also means that giving anyone who is not O- a whole blood transfusion of O- blood is a very bad idea because the antibodies in the donors red plasma will attack all the recipient’s remaining red blood cells.

        This is just the most basic problem. There are many more things that could go wrong even if they had done everything right and had matched blood types.

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      4. @Beth: If I I recall correctly the scene involves Kanzeon taking Gojyo’s blood by frenching him, and then transferring it to Sanzo the same way.

        So not exactly your standard transfusion.

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      5. @Feather in that case it might actually have been a viable method of transfusion. There are lab techniques to remove antigens from red blood cells to stop certain reactions. If we can do it in modern labs, I see no reason why kami couldn’t do it during the transfer process. Of course since they’re going through the mouth she’d also have to add a pretty heavy dose of antibiotics along with the red blood cells. Even if kami have aseptic mouths, the human mouth has all sorts of nasties growing in it.

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      1. Well, Hakkai is also the only one who Sanzo actually listens to. Him and his ‘let’s bond over a detailed examination of your entrails’ smile.

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  2. Most people probably don’t realize just how sneaky Kanzeon is, Sanzo. Or how . . . . different se sometimes defines “mercy” and “compassion” . . . through to be fair, what se does often helps, is useful, and results in not-dying which is always a plus . . . it might not be easy but se never claimed to be the Goddess of the Easy Button.

    Have to agree that I can’t see anyone running over Sanzo either.

    Being able to use the aural sense will probably be very useful. Not least of which is Hakuryuu giving Hakkai my-person being silly again when he tries to get too morose.

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      1. But just because someone hands you a fake id doesn’t mean you think of yourself as that person. Especially since I think Hakkai has been unconscious for most of his time with the fake id. Someone’s been meddling…

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