Character POVs and Statistics

First, a mea culpa. I have a fair amount of statistics under my belt, and one of the first things they teach you is that regular people don’t do statistics. Not without a lot of time to think it through. Continue reading


Waking to Another Sky Ch5 bit – Planning

A/N: When I originally wrote this, we didn’t have the canon version of the LC takedown available. So… I came up with something I thought was reasonable. 🙂 Meaning yes, the environment and tactics are different from the bits the anime showed.

Axe over his shoulder, dark green armor dulled and muted, Agil scanned the room, making eye contact with everyone. “Laughing Coffin’s killed over three hundred people that we know about. Some of us have driven them off their victims a few times, but that was mostly getting lucky. They pick their targets, they plan their attacks, and they know when we’re focused on the boss fights.” He grimaced. “If everything worked out right with the messaging, that’s what they think we’re planning, right now.” Continue reading