Sanzo vs. the Alien Invasion Ch3 bit – Bad Idea

This is a bad idea in the history of bad ideas.

Hidden in the brush of a hillside with what were apparently now his idiots, Sanzo glared down on Copper Village and the mini-armed invasion occupying the place. At the moment he’d identified two armed checkpoints, at least four separate drones running airborne visuals, and the kind of high-powered rifles usually reserved for putting down a land behemoth gone crazy in musth. He’d also ID’d at least three soldiers armed with trank rifles, which did not make him feel any better.

“That really doesn’t look good,” Gojyo summed up.

“They’re hunting with the youkai?” Goku said in disbelief. “How could they?”

“Wait, you think- what?” Gojyo hissed. “Come on, they’re looking for infected people-”

“And they’re currently set up inside an outbreak zone.” Hakkai nudged the sunglasses he’d lifted off Gojyo’s bookcase. “I’m a historian, not a doctor, certainly not a tactician… but historically speaking, you don’t do that if you think you’ll fall prey to the infection. Or the locals.”

Sanzo glared at the nearest checkpoint, and made a decision. “Be ready to move. I need to… try something.”

Hands folded together, he closed his eyes, and began a whispered chant.

Reach out. And see.

The Maten had been right, after all; he did have some ability to pick up on the auras around him. Training, and needing to thwack Goku when the kid tried to pulse too close to government sensors, had let him start to extend his range. It hadn’t quite fried his brain. Yet.

Goku, burning like a fire. Hakkai, silvery and slippery as waterfall spray. Even Gojyo had a bit of sparkle, oddly like neon and stripper glitter.

Reach farther.

Humans showed up, like candle-flames in the dark. Worry, fear, determination….

A spike of fear; and the flame-crackle of what must be one of the new youkai, tinged with hunger.


16 thoughts on “Sanzo vs. the Alien Invasion Ch3 bit – Bad Idea

  1. When you’ve picked up chicks in so many seedy bars, your soul has herpes…
    …i can’t stop laughing, gimme a sec. Neon stripper glitter aura…!

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  2. This is a bad idea in the history of bad ideas.

    I think there might be a missing word in that sentence. Like “this is worse bad idea in the history of bad ideas” maybe?

    Be careful of the glitter Gojyo – I’m given to understand that it gets everywhere. Into everything. Sometimes even places that glitter should never be.

    But yes, Sanzo and company, they are definitely Up To Something.

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      1. And probably more than he wants to know. He needs to know but certainly doesn’t want to. He really doesn’t need more Nightmare Fuel thank you very much but if he is going to keep his own and the three idiots necks intact then he has to know a lot of things he’d really rather not.

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  3. Can’t add “worse” to it: it hardly even ranks really. He’s already made off with Goku & experimented enough he felt comfortable trying to help Hakkai. 😛

    Should just change the “the” to “a”.

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