Earring Tales: Spring Pink Diamonds

Apparently if your Acer monitor power switch flashes blue and orange, that’s it politely warning you it’s about to go poof. Lucky me, I suspected as much and just got a new monitor this afternoon. Still getting used to it….



The center pink beads are silk light pink; when I look at them in the light, the bunnies say, “Senbonzakura!”

…But I wasn’t quite up to designing Byakuya earrings at that point. And I wanted to see how the silk pink beads handled. The eye-catching silk shine is achieved by tiny, tiny grooves on the outside of the beads, meaning they’re not polished smooth on the edges as most Delica beads are. A little more like handling tiny bugle beads with a Delica-sized hole.

So I decided to put them together with some silver-lined light pink and light lavender, and some pearl-white, and see how it came out.

The silver-lined light pink actually seems a bit gold in contrast to the other colors. Is that a good thing?

Spring Pink Diamonds




15 thoughts on “Earring Tales: Spring Pink Diamonds

  1. Pretty!

    the bunnies say, “Senbonzakura!”

    Told you the zanpakuto would want their own inspired shinny . . . and to be fair, there is some potential in terms of color and such down that road.

    Also that one might be pouting because he’s not slated to come in on any story anytime soon.

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  2. So shiiiiiinnnnnyyyyyy! Almost tempted to buy them, but I have a brand new niece and am about to buy furry companions so should save somewhere.

    (I get compliments in the earrings I got from you every time I wear them.)

    Liked by 2 people

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