Waking to Another Sky Ch3 up on AO3

All of Chapter 3, “The Clips Episode” is now up on Archive of Our Own.

…Well, what else should I have called it?   😉

In other news, now that RL has died down from “frantic rushing about” to more “Oh, this is gonna suck…” for a while, I’m  doing the first round of edits on Seeds of Blood.

At least the advantage of the franticness lately meant I did put the manuscript aside for a whole month – which is one of the things advised in “No Plot, No Problem” for what to do once you’ve got your NaNo rough stacked up by the comp and have keeled over in decaffeinated exhaustion. I have to say I find this excellent advice. It lets you come back to the draft with as few preconceptions as possible and actually read the words on the page, instead of the ones still stuck in your head that may or may not have been typed up.

Based on past experience I need at least 4 to 6 full rounds of edits on the whole draft to get everything in order and shake loose all the typo daemons. The first round of edits you get the big things: obvious redundant words, phrasing, “ack, I need to write this character more sane”, and “ack, here’s an Event that needs foreshadowing/better tying into the rest of the plot”.

Once you get those, then more subtle things pop out. They were already there, of course, you just couldn’t see them ’cause the bigger things were the glaring neon of “ack, how could I write this….”

Hence why several rounds are needed. *Wry G*

I’m very, very lucky to have a few email-pals willing to look stuff over and do a Gibbs dope-slap on “Do you know how this character’s coming across? Look, you need to tone X down, make Y more clear….”

One of the fun things about this setting is, while I’ve had to invent how magic officially works in the universe of A Net of Dawn and Bones, I’ve grounded it all as much as I can in myth and folklore so that I can strike a balance between “supernatural creatures are powerful and terrifying” and “a properly prepared human being can still stomp their butts.”

Note, properly prepared. The human advantage comes down to cooperation, virtues, and technology. And yes, faith and magic are technologies.

To quote Wikipedia, “‘science of craft’, from Greek τέχνη, techne, ‘art, skill, cunning of hand’; and -λογία, -logia”; “the collection of techniques, skills, methods and processes used in the production of goods or services or in the accomplishment of objectives”.

Of course, faith is far more than just techniques. But there is indeed a technology of faith; from meditation to prayer to blessed items and more. And Hunters use all of the above.

I’m hoping it will be cool. *G*


51 thoughts on “Waking to Another Sky Ch3 up on AO3

  1. > “Danny. They’ve been in a coma for two years, they’re unarmed, and whatever Kayaba let ‘em do in the game, shiny special effects do not work in real life. What are they going to do?”>
    So is anyone else hearing deranged villainous cackling from the Great Murphy on High?

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    1. shiny special effects do not work in real life

      That’s what you think.

      Don’t worry – Murphy will teach you the error of your ways. It might smack you a little harder for thinking you guys are the only ones who can learn to pull off the impossible.

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    2. When I first read that sentence all I could think was: ‘Jack, you know better.’

      What season is this set during? Doesn’t matter, it’s post-movie, and post Jack going through the ‘Gate. He should totally know by now that ‘shiny special effects’ totally work in real-life.

      ‘Course, that doesn’t make that comment any less in character for Jack.

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      1. Early season five. Maybe a couple months before Cassandra’s sixteenth birthday. (Kirito is a ‘few months’ older, and his birthday was a month ago.)

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  2. It works better lined up with all the other bits in place.

    As trantos01 says, the foreshadowing is great. The two sides have, through mutual ignorance, set each other up to make poor decisions. Now SGC is clued in, and we don’t know what the players are up to. Before they didn’t know what to watch for, and now they aren’t watching the players. Hopefully the hospital won’t get burned down. We don’t know, and we are left to imagine all sorts of possibilities. Bravo.

    The world building and characterization continues nicely.

    Now SGC is prepared to come to some sort of accommodation, if the players like what they are willing to offer.

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    1. >we don’t know what the players are up to.>
      Well we more or less know what they are planning.

      1. Agil, Lisbeth and the other crafters/merchants are seeing about getting some sort of clothing for everyone. Though they are probably seeing if they can lay their hands on improvised weaponry.

      2. Thinker and Yulier are sitting on the Orange players and other trouble makers while getting as much information as possible from the Blue Book staff.

      3. Meanwhile Kirito, Argo and co are headed to the library to see if they can get online.
      >“Think that library’s on their LAN?”>

      I suspect that when SG1 returns to the players, they are going to find the situation rather different then when they left.

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      1. And we have comments from the author that suggest a break in to the game servers at some point. The players are keyed up. New information might inspire desperate action. Plus, the Rosalia and Laughing Coffin tags suggest they might get loose and make things interesting.

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      2. >And we have comments from the author that suggest a break in to the game servers at some point.>
        Do remember that before SAO, Kazuto was something of a computer/hacker/programming geek. And considering the stunt he managed to pull iwth Yui, he’s kept those skills.

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      3. >*G* Good analysis!>
        Jack: “Where did you get a white and red three piece suit and tie? I’m pretty sure that wasn’t in the clothes that got sent.

        Klein: “Just had it made. Ashley is a genius when it comes to tailoring.”

        Sam: “We were gone for forty minutes and there’s nothing here to make clothes with.”

        Klein: “Sure there is, medical scrubs, bed-sheets, suture thread and needles. She took it as a challenge when Asuna floated the idea. She is grumbling about the formal gowns/skirts she and other crafters have made though. Apparently the fabric just doesn’t flow right or something.

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    1. It’ll be done when it is done. If she needs or wants to prioritize the work that can see a financial return, I have no objection. It is not my business.

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  3. I could not post an unfinished story. I need to be able to add new chapters ANWHERE, not just the end. For this reason, I have not put my fiction on any public site. And it is fanfiction, by the way.

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      1. I would be afraid to put an unfinished story on AO3. I had to add numerous chapters in between two old ones and delete numerous chapters just to make a Hiko who was a very sick bug with severe and numerous vitamin and mineral deficiencies more fun to read. The most memorable was Hiko giving Kenshin information about a villain that might have led him to break containment–bioweapons were involved.

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      2. Wait, are you saying that you can new chapters anywhere or are there fewer people who hate you? I saw the bullshit on your TV Tropes and am not sure how to keep it out without getting into a flamewar that I am going to lose because I haven’t read Embers.

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  4. “What? No!”

    I feel like pointing out “That he knows of.”

    Since guys don’t carry the babies, it’s pretty easy for them to have kids they don’t know about.

    Not saying that is what happened – Kirito doing that could just be a happy coincidence.

    But sometimes a coincidence is no coincidence.

    *shrug* We’ll see.

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    1. Since guys don’t carry the babies, it’s pretty easy for them to have kids they don’t know about.

      Unless you are careful and pay attention.

      What the schools imply is SOP isn’t necessarily so. Men can abstain from sex, or have sex with only a limited number of partners. It is possible that this Daniel remembers everyone he has ever slept with. That he does not speak Japanese, and apparently hasn’t lived in Japan perhaps supports the idea than he can be sure he didn’t sleep with any Japanese women.

      Plus, Kirito might’ve been conceived ten years before the movie. Daniel might have a pretty clear idea who he was or was not sleeping with at that time.

      The definitive proof is the *looks up topical buzzword incantation* epigenetics. Kirito shares Daniel’s luck with parents, but not with women. The only female member of the SAO cast that really matches the type that tends to key onto Daniel is Rosalia. XD

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      1. I’m not saying that men cannot abstain from sex or have so few partners that they can remember everyone they have ever slept with. There are plenty of men who do both. Or have no desire for sex whatsoever.

        Just thinking that sometimes the ex who found out she was pregnant after they broke up doesn’t always tell the father for one reason or another.

        It’s far less likely for someone who is careful and responsible. But it is not impossible. Things happen. Condoms break. Birth control fails. People keep secrets.

        The fact that Danny doesn’t know any Japanese is better indicator for me that he didn’t have a relationship serious enough for sex with a Japanese woman because Daniel is exactly the kind of person who would learn his partner’s native language if he didn’t know it, especially if they were serious.

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      2. The other element is that when Kirito was conceived, Daniel was a lot younger. I think eleven years younger than when he met the woman he married on Abydos. (At which point he might not have had much ties to the rest of society.) Daniel is a serious academic, and a competent one. That takes a large time investment. It isn’t impossible that he picked that over a social life.

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      3. Not to mention – we’ve seen how Danny is with females in canon. True, that shyness can be appealing to some girls (especially ones who are shy themselves – or the ones who want the power in the relationship), but considering Danny’s interactions with Sarah and the way Sha’uri effectively chased after him in the movie, it’s highly unlikely.

        And yes, definitely agree about the language being a clincher! 😉

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