Waking to Another Sky Ch4 bit – LAN

A/N: One of the most amusing things about this bit is, Kirito’s skills here are totally canon. No Kayaba involvement whatsoever….

“I’m in.”

On guard by the door, Klein cast an incredulous glance their way. “No way could it be that easy.”

“Heh.” Kirito scratched the back of his head, sheepish, and tried to duck away from Asuna’s knowing smile. “It doesn’t matter how good your security is. Computers still have to be used by people. And doctors aren’t computer experts. So… there are holes.”

“And you’re just that good.” Asuna’s eyes sparkled with mischief. “How good are you?”

“Um….” He shouldn’t. He really shouldn’t. But – it was Asuna. “Mom says I’m the youngest person to hack my own Juki Net account.”

“You hacked Juki Net?” Checking titles on the library shelves, Argo shot him a look of disbelief. “No wonder you were hiding out in games. Waiting for the knock at your door, you little menace,” she chuckled.

“Actually, that was… a while ago?” Kirito felt his ears burning. “Mom was pretty sure I got away with it. Since the government didn’t show up. Ever.”

“A while ago?” Argo squeaked.

“Hey. Juki Net?” Klein waved a hand.

“Japan’s citizen registry,” Argo filled him in, still eyeing Kirito like he’d grown fangs. “It’s supposed to be one of the most secure databases on the planet. And you cracked it? When?”

Kirito shrugged, face red. “I was ten? I was trying to figure something out… it was there….”

Argo clapped a hand to her face, over the whiskers. “Ki-bou. They will lock you up and throw away the key. No, scratch that. They will drop the key in radioactive concrete, then dump it in the Marianas Trench.”

“For hacking Juki Net?” Asuna said defensively.

“For being Ki-bou.” Argo smirked. “Think about it. If Ki-bou can take apart real computers the way he did Yuan-ti tech, and some of the levels we had to wreck gimmicks on, he definitely did… oh ho. You know something.”


34 thoughts on “Waking to Another Sky Ch4 bit – LAN

  1. …y’know, now that I think about it, if they ever get this mess straightened out, Kirito and Sam might get along pretty well. Who doesn’t like bonding over scrambling the innards of Goa’uld tech?

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    1. Kayaba’s plan will actually work, but not in the way he thought it would. While he planned to have his modified humans take apart the Goa’uld empire by extreme force and many explosions, it will really happen by the power of science and hacking via Sam and Kirito. They will implode every bit of technology the enemy has, leaving nothing behind by flashy mostly non-functional armor and guards armed with pretty golden sticks that aren’t even pointy. Argo will follow behind to make sure that everyone who might have continued thinking the Goa’uld were gods knows exactly what happened.

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      1. Actually, we don’t know whether or not that was his plan.

        (Hint from beta: I don’t think it was. Admittedly, I haven’t re-read the unfinished parts in a while, so take iwth a grain of salt…. 😉 )

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      2. >Kayaba’s actual plan was a bit more risky than either of those proposed.>
        Riskier huh? Wild mass guess time.

        He’s pulling a RoS Kanzeon and has turned the players into Ancients 2.0.

        We know that the Ancients had the capability to create amazing feats of technology unmatched by pretty much any race during their time or after. However they were distinctly lacking in humanity’s common sense (compared to them, we have it by the truck-load) and the mentality of ‘if it’s stupid but it works, it’s not stupid’.

        So while they might not be able to make a planet-buster from scraps in their backyard, they now have the innate capability and training to rapidly decipher, reverse-engineer and modify any advanced tech they lay their hands on. While at the same time being perfectly willing to utilize ‘primitive’ methods instead of the biggest shiniest gizmo they can make.

        Because blown up by a plasma blast or bisected with a sharp piece of metal, the target is dead either way/

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  2. I was trying to figure something out… it was there….”

    Why did I think a lot of Kirito’s stories include those words . . . or start with those words. Well after “I can explain . . .” through he might be self-confident enough know to go “Hey, this is exactly what it looks like.”

    It’s supposed to be one of the most secure databases on the planet.

    It probably is. But no system or database is hacker proof.

    And being hacked is usually how databases and such discover holes in their security. If they are lucky, the hacker was white-hat enough to tell them “You have these holes, you might want to fix them before someone else goes through them.” If they were unlucky, well . . .

    I’m sure SGC will be impressed by Kirito’s computer skills . . . after the initial heart attack and mild panic trying to figure out just how far into their systems he got . . .

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    1. Also, “And now we know another reason he was one of Kayaba’s favorites. We didn’t know how far into our systems Kayaba got, and Kirito is apparently able to get in as well…”

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    2. “No system or database is hacker proof”

      No, but any system you don’t want hacked you keep off public network, or don’t hook to a network at all. This requires any intrusion to physically reach a computer before they can hack it.

      OTOH, a citizenship database is probably checked by outsiders for various reasons, so it needs outside access for convenience. But the more convenient it is, the more vulnerable.

      Hopefully the SGC hasn’t put more on the system than they absolutely had too.

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      1. That conference room last chapter had some interesting implications. One that it connected with the hospital’s patient records (which this computer also accesses). Secondly either that it connected with the General’s computer, or the General also loaded those files into a conference system at his end.

        However, Kirito might not have time to load tools onto that system, nor have any accessible storage to store anything. (Unless Midori slipped him a concealed memory stick of tools. Or Kayaba put in something special on board.) Plus, he is a couple of years out of date.

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      2. …Ever worked on government computer systems? Up to date, they are not.

        Of course they aren’t. Being absolutely up to date almost means keeping the hardware up to date and that costs money. Why spend money to do a thing when you are already have a thing that can do that is the logic. Never mind that the thing in question might be so out of date that if, for example, it breaks, you are screwed because no one manufactures the parts for it anymore . . . and hasn’t for like twenty years. Or more.

        Not kidding – one of the co-hosts of a tech Q&A show I watch online does stuff with the Navy and its computers and has mentioned they have to keep computers that can read floopy disks and even older data storage formats because some of the critical stuff or information is only on those formats – and the Powers That Be don’t understand why transferring them to or at least making a back-up on more recent format would be a good idea (if for no other reason than all physical data storage formats have a shelf life) . . .

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  3. >> Plus, he is a couple of years out of date.

    Are we sure about that? Because he’s been using those skills in Kayaba’s game world. A game world who’s red herring servers the Japanese government couldn’t hack. Who’s real servers SGC’s best couldn’t crack. And Kirito’s been practicing on training programs Kayaba set up. Are we sure Kirito’s out of date? Because I definitely wouldn’t bank on it.

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    1. The problems Kayaba was posing in the first three quarters of the game were not necessarily at the level of what he was using to secure things.

      Given the hostages and that the SGC effectively concealed the existence of the real hardware and software from most of the world, Kayaba’s security may in fact not be capable of beating the world’s best efforts.

      If Kayaba was not collecting the Otherworld’s advances in IT security tech and emulating them in game, there could well have been two years worth of such advances that could trip up Kirito. Kirito apparently learned a lot of what he knew over the internet from other people. Absent that communication, there could well be new developments that he isn’t aware of. What Kayaba did would reasonably spur development of security tech. Possibly the Air Force could have deployed a new kind of network monitoring system or something.

      OOC, Vathara probably isn’t going to have that happen without foreshadowing, and I haven’t yet noticed any such foreshadowing. So there is a fairly strong reason to think he won’t trip. There are some other reasons to think that they’ll get information which prompts an action which will be what really brings things to light.

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      1. I’m basing the computer networks on RL knowledge of… how things tend to go in the federal government. Unless you’re specifically dealing with cyberwarfare, your systems – and security on them – are not cutting edge. Not even close.

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  4. I had a second thought: if they find the highlights reel, I’m gonna laugh my ass off. (They probably won’t, because if they find it at this juncture all bets of cooperation between the players and the SGC will be off, but it would be amusing)

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