Earring Tales: Smaug’s Hoard

Red-orange and silk brown. Hee.


I wanted to see what this design might look like in oranges. I now have a plethora of oranges to choose from, but when I was trying to pick 4, I decided I wanted another color in there to add more interest. And I’d gotten the silver-lined silk brown beads because they were unusual.

…I’ll do that when I’m getting beads – just find something that catches my eye with “huh”. After all, if it seems odd, maybe most people aren’t using it and I can do something no one’s thought of yet.

(I currently have on order both “mistletoe” and “tree frog green”. Because.)

I was trying for wood and fire effect, but once I had it mostly put together, the bunnies said, “red dragon!” Hence the name. 🙂



12 thoughts on “Earring Tales: Smaug’s Hoard

  1. Those grey beads are so interesting do they shimmer through the values in the picture?

    It could be fun to group a bunch of beads almost the same color and value into a container and use them as one color. Which just so happens the reds here make me think of.


    1. They do indeed shimmer like that in the light; the “silk” in the description of the bead means it’s etched with tiny tiny ridges so that it catches and refracts the light – well, a lot like silk. 🙂

      It’s a lovely type of bead, but it is slightly more fragile because of the ridging, so I try to use them in places where they don’t take impact. Which is why they’re in internal diamonds in the design, and not on the edges!


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