Sanzo vs. the Alien Invasion Ch4 bit – Kougaiji’s Bad Day

Rolling his eyes, Nii Jianyi switched the surveillance recording off, and went back to his computer shuffling of various genomes. The white fluff of his stuffed bunny slumped on the corner of his desk, one ear flopped as if it were grateful to be spared more salacious verses. “Nobody that crude could be hiding something.”

You should talk, Kougaiji thought, keeping the scowl off his face by an effort of will. He might be Director Daluhai’s supposed heir, but as far as Minus Wave was concerned he was still just a low-level xeno-tech researcher, trying to tease secrets of teleportation out of Shangri-La’s lore and a set of old kami bangles. While Gyokumen Koushou’s hand-picked psycho-geneticist was a bona fide, no holds barred genius, who’d advanced their understanding of kami energy and technology decades ahead of the rest of the Satrapy.

How Nii had gotten there, though…. Kougaiji’d thought he’d known the worst of it. The latest evidence to stray near his desk proved he’d been pitifully naive. “The report said one of the outbreak victims might have gotten outside the containment perimeter.”

“Hmm. Looks like. They only found some mud with blood.” Nii waved an absent hand. “Don’t worry. Either he’s dead – and he probably is dead, even a transformation won’t heal them if they bleed out first – or… he’ll be back.” A smirk, as he rotated a complicated chemical profile on his monitor. “Our lures will make sure of that.”

Silver chimed as Kougaiji tried not to clench his fists, thinking of exactly how Nii might know how much blood-loss an infected person could survive. Much less how effective these… lures might be.

This is illegal. This is insane.

Given he’d just come back from a three-month research trip off-planet to find his mother in stasis, his father’s condition top-secret, his step-mother locked in a lab and not answering his messages, and Nii poking a virus that mutated people, he had to find out how insane. Because Lirin was still in one piece and he had to know if he just needed to get her out of Nii’s reach, or completely off the planet.

…Then again, this was Nii. He’d better plan for off the planet.


26 thoughts on “Sanzo vs. the Alien Invasion Ch4 bit – Kougaiji’s Bad Day

  1. …Then again, this was Nii. He’d better plan for off the planet.

    Yes, you should. Like right now. Effectively immediately. Put down anything you are working on and get yourself, your sister, and anyone else you care about the heck out of dodge. Today.

    Trust me, you are not going to like the alternative.

    And unfortunately I think you are going find out about the alternative. The hard and very unfun way. Because some people are evil. Some of them are human. Others are aliens. But they are equally evil.

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    1. Seconded. Heavily, heavily seconded, with a large dose of “you probably have enough data to call in an airstrike.” Because an airstrike might seem like overkill, but it’s not.

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      1. That might be a bad idea. 😉 Juushiro and Shunsui talk about the hollow virus getting sprayed up to the jetstream For Massive Damage in Tatterdemalion.

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      2. The biology interacts with psionics, and I don’t know what that means here. I’d trust that a technology is sufficient to the task when such is established in story through rigorous experimentation.

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  2. Hahahahahahahahahahaha, in my experience, by the time most people have the thought “I need to get out of here”, they should already have been running at least a day ago. Here’s hoping that Kougaji gets Lirin out of Ni’s expiramentation range (or, given that Koushou’s locked in a lab herself, he may be worrying about the wrong person…

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  3. Well, we know that all of Kougaiji’s people end up youkai. And not the half’n’half of Gojyo. What I’m wondering is how they all come out sane. There’s no mad scientists who are working on a vaccine.

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  4. I just thought of something: Rasetsunyo doesn’t have to be diseased to be in stasis. She just has to be vulnerable to Gyokumen Koushu, who couldn’t shove her in there until her husband started mutating. Kougaiji doesn’t get to test that when the only expert on either mutating virus is Nii Jianyi. He’s not even a medical doctor, is he?

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  5. Did the Director and his lover infect themselves simultaneously, allowing the Princess to simply claw her lover’s wife until she had no choice but to go into stasis? Why would someone smaller have more time to get better? Was she given the youkai virus as a live virus vaccine? Was it only because Nii was more attracted to Gyokumen Koushu than her lover?


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