Waking to Another Sky Ch4 bit – Decisions

Klein rubbed his forehead, delighted and appalled. “Argo’s right. If they figure out you hacked their medical records-”

“They have to catch me first.” Kirito sent more information to the flash drive with a few keystrokes, then reopened some of the first files he’d looked at. “K’so. I read up on neurology when the NervGear first came out. I know some of these words.” He thumped a fist on the desk. “I just don’t know enough.”

Argo glanced at the clock. “Sooner or later somebody’s going to show up here. Klein? You’re the closest we’ve got to a military guy. What do you think?”

Klein swallowed dryly. “I hate to say it, but we need help,” he admitted. “It’s the Air Force. They should be the good guys.”

“I hear a but in there,” Kirito muttered.

Which would have been an okay but slightly weird phrase in Japanese, Klein reflected. Only it fit just fine in… whatever they were speaking. He was almost sure it was English, at the moment. Almost. “Yeah. But. I don’t know that much about how the JDF works, but the U.S. military runs on coffee and paperwork. There should be orders right by my bed; for me, and everyone else in Fuurinkazan. There should be paperwork saying we’re AWOL, or on involuntary medical leave, or something.  Hell, there should have been a gunnery sergeant looming over my bed, tearing my head off about where has your lazy ass been, Marine?

Damn. Just the thought made him feel a little homesick.

“Even if they were short of Gunnies, there should have been papers from Atsugi, transferring us here,” Klein got out. “That, and a number I could call for the current base commander. So I could check in and make sure that yes, Colonel Squinty-Eyes is your temporary commander, suck it up and deal, Marine. Even if they thought we were in comas, even if they thought we were never waking up, those papers should have been there. Because we do not leave our people behind.”

Asuna’s eyes narrowed. “And if Colonel O’Neill comes up with that paperwork?”

Damn. Damn, of course the Knights’ Vice-Commander would think that through. As Klein could see Kirito hadn’t even thought about it, black eyes going wide and almost as young as they should be at the possibility that one of the few people the Black Swordsman could trust would get yanked right out from under him.

Not happening. “Then I tell him to shove it.”


50 thoughts on “Waking to Another Sky Ch4 bit – Decisions

  1. Oh boy. At best Klein suspects something is fishy enough to stand on “I will not obey an illegal order.” At worst, a US Marine is considering mutiny, and thinks his entire guild, which this story implies entirely, or at least a large portion of them, are US military personnel will back him either way.

    That load of feces hitting the fan I mentioned last part? Klein is starting to back up several freight cars worth of natural fertilizer to add to it.

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  2. Damn. Just the thought made him feel a little homesick.

    That’s a Marine for you.

    Well, as was mentioned earlier, touches of normal are probably psychologically comforting – and there is probably nothing more normal for him than being chewed out by Gunny.

    But he does have a point – where is his paperwork?

    “Then I tell him to shove it.”

    Because you don’t leave people behind.

    And Kirito is one of your people. He might not be in Fuurinkazan but he’s still your people. And your his.

    Plus if I were Klein, I would be highly suspicious of the authenticity of said papers considering they weren’t at my bedside from the get-go and only materialized after Colonel Squinty-Eyes, if that’s his real name and rank, tried it without paperwork or even an ID or anything else to prove he was who he said he was or that I was under his command or anything.

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  3. Heh, someone did the math, finally. There’s no way he got three-year orders to Japan, and they really like to set it up so that your EOS is right about the time you’re transfering, so after two years in game he and all of his guys are either past the end of their contract or nearly so.

    And those papers should’ve been there, same way; if there’s a military reason to keep them in, then THOSE papers should be there.

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    1. Here we can strongly suspect the paperwork got caught in the SNAFU of a) NID facility even if now under Bluebook supervision b) paperwork was present in Japan c) Thor beaming them over d) everyone but family thinking they are dead.

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      1. Oh yes, the paperwork not being done is perfectly understandable– but that cuts no butter. 😀 No orders, no go!

        I had two hours to pack before heading to my next command for exactly this reason… I got the orders at one, and the shipping office closed at three, so I had to pack everything I owned and get it THERE by two, and even then if there had been more people in line theymight have shut the door in my face.

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  4. I’ll put down money that the only reason those papers aren’t there is because of a) the roadblocks the Japanese government is putting down due to effective kidnapping; b) SGC being so top secret that I’m surprised O’Neil doesn’t speak entirely on James Bond quotes; or b1) because the NID consider you less Marines and more samples, no matter what SGC says about that.

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      1. And said explanations won’t go over very well with the players.

        Because A is “Yeah we kidnapped you from Japan (letting the majority of the world think you’re dead) for our own purposes/reasons after said country told us to go **** ourselves with a Kanabō.”

        And the situation of B boils down to “Yep we’re super top secret and now you’ve stumbled onto some of our stuff that you’re not supposed to know and you are super-secret as well. So yeah, you don’t get to leave.”

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  5. Theory that Argo is in the JSDF is pretty much disproven, but she still seems to be functioning as leader. Again possibly because she wasn’t in the boss fight, is effectively a reserve, and relatively fresh.

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  6. I love Klein sticking by Kirito and Asuna 🙂
    And yeah, the paperwork suddenly materializing *after* Klein pointed out it was super sketchy that there were no orders? I wouldn’t trust them if I was him. Of course SGC is in something of a catch-22 bind here. They’ve been caught in enough lies that the players will be pretty leery of anything they get told without hard proof, and at the same time, if they don’t start talking soon no one is going to trust them. And look at that! Me with a new bag of popcorn! (Starts munching and waits for the chaos to unfold)

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  7. Yeah, and if they do catch you guys, you should pretend it’s Argo or someone else. Just to keep the SGC thinking that Kirito is DPS. After all, you shoot the support first.

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    1. After all, you shoot the support first.

      Reminded me of the line in Dislocation where it was (I believe) Naotsugu who noted that the PKers weren’t total idiots because they targeted the mage (Shiroe) first . . .

      And then I had to scold the bunnies reminding them that (1) SAO and Log Horizon are two rather different games and (2) totally different approaches to the trapped in the game scenario.

      Yes, Kirito and the rest allied with the Legendary Strategist would be awesome. Just because something is awesome doesn’t mean it’s feasible.

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      1. There was a (not very good) fanfic where about a half-year after SAO was cleared, Log Horizon happened, and several of the SAO survivors were included. Shiroe and Kirito meeting should have been awesome, but that fanfic author was nowhere near as good as Vathara, so it kinda fell flat. And the fanfic died after only 2-3 chapters, too. Still, the basic idea of it happening was a good one, even if that author couldn’t manage to live up to the idea’s potential.

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      2. Though it did have a good starting basis for the idea – survivors of SAO were so skittish about losing more time to AR, they switched to a more regular online game.

        ….Oops. *G*

        I like the idea . . .

        And as Kirito wakes up in another world, he wonders which kami did he mortally offended in another life to have ended up in a situation like this twice . . .

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      3. >And as Kirito wakes up in another world, he wonders which kami did he mortally offended in another life to have ended up in a situation like this twice . . .>

        …and whether or not it could be killed with the sword-skills he only has because it took offense.

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      4. >> The kami could have considered it a reward.

        Given a broad (though, one notes, not necessarily invalid) definition of ‘Kami’ the answer to that question could very well be ‘Kayaba‘.

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      5. Re: Feasibility

        I spoke before of an Amberite Kayaba with SAO as the first stage of a project involving several shadows.

        Doing the full project well is likely beyond my current ability. Yet it still convinces me that Kirito and Shiroe working together is very feasible.

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      6. Hmmm . . . good point – sometimes even very different things can gell surprisingly well once you start trying to figure it out . . .

        And that mentioned fic does have an entirely plausible explanation for how that could happen . . .

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      7. I believe that fanfic updated recently (last month or so) so it’s not dead fic yet.

        I liked it because it had showed Asuna dealing with trauma from being Sugou’s prisoner, instead of just glossing over it and I hadn’t seen much of that in SAO fanfic.

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      8. It could be worse.

        The kami could have considered it a reward.

        Yeah they could.

        Kirito would like to be rewarded less, thank you.

        Elder Tale might scare him more in some ways – because while death isn’t permenant, there is the memory loss thing but also that they have no idea who trapped them in the game in the first place, or how to get out – two pieces of info he did have in SAO (yes, Kayaba could have been lying but still . . .)

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      9. The space for solving a given problem of creative writing is probably bigger than any one mind can fully understand.

        I’m skeptical of impossible. There’s strong evidence for ‘more effective’ and ‘less effective’.

        The test is how well one’s execution works for a given audience.

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      10. True. Though in part that depends on how much you care about the fandoms in question.

        And how much you care about keeping things canon or as close to canon as you manage in the circumstances.

        Because some of them you do care and others you like the world or characters etc but there are large portions of canon that you will cheerfully kick to the curb and pretend don’t exist.

        And what, of a given fandoms’ collection of material, do you consider canon – the movies? just the books? the movies and the books?, these movies and these books but not those?, everything prior to episode X where they jumped the shark?, Word of God?

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  8. One thing I have not not really seen touched is that officially all the players are considered dead. The family might know they are not, but that is another point where the whole thing can collapse. And all their jobs, properties are lost and probably some are not recoverable. And some groups would not appreciate that someone thought dead turns up alive.

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      1. >Does seem a bit unfair, doesn’t it?

        And Kayaba likes things to be “fair”….>
        Kayaba: “I’m helping!”
        Everybody: “Stop helping!”

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      2. >*EG*>
        -Thinks about potential possibilities for ensuring the SGC has to let the families in on the secret-
        Nah, I can’t see even Kayaba being nuts enough to make the nanites infectious to family members.

        1. Mad genius that he is, he’s a human and not a Goa’uld or Ancient. He’s not that nuts.
        2. I imagine altering/upgrading an active human is magnitudes more dificult then a comatose one plugged into a control point/power source (IE the Nervegears).

        Though it would lead to ‘interesting’ developments. Particularly if the nanites looked around as it were, for enhancement blueprints from a source that they are used to instead of just just making the person the equivalent of a lvl1 SAOer.

        Suguha: “Oniisan. Would you care to tell me why my hair is growing in blonde and my eyes have turned green?”

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      3. And now I’ve got the image of Kayaba the Shard (from Worm, the source of the superpowers, and notorious for being brilliantly dumb, like a five year old with a supercomputer).

        Kayaba: [HALPING!]
        Shards: [CONFUSION][CURIOSITY]

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      4. >Kayaba: [HALPING!]
        Shards: [CONFUSION][CURIOSITY]>
        Nah Kayaba is actually competent enough to help instead of halp. It’s just that his methods (and sometimes results) have this funny tendency to incite homicidal fury.

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      5. True. But the way you worded your previous two posts just made me think of that. Because that’s the sort of joke made whenever a Worm fic has a Shard causing trouble when theoretically trying to help.

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