Waking to Another Sky Ch4 bit – In the Basement

“And we should go,” Argo said under her breath. “Clear the cache, the cookies, close it down-”

“Yes, Auntie.” Kirito almost stuck his tongue out.

“Wait.” Asuna pointed toward a summary that was still open. “That says something about other subjects?”

“Animals, I think.” Kirito paged further into the report. “Some were in NervGear, some weren’t-” He stopped, as an image lit half the screen.

Klein’s jaw dropped. “Is that what I think it is?”

Kirito clicked that file to the flash drive, fast, and shut everything else down with controlled haste. “Klein, Asuna – run interference. Make sure they stay away from the basement. And tell Thinker we might not be able to be subtle. Argo-”

“Right with you.” The whiskered face lit with delight. “Let’s find Silica.”

“We’re going to the basement?” Voice barely above a whisper, Silica hid behind Kirito in a shadow of the stairwell. He glanced back in time to see her bite her lip, as a nurse in blue scrubs hurried right through where Argo had stood seconds before. “I don’t think they like us moving around at all,” she murmured as the nurse vanished. “Will they be okay with us going all the way down there?”

“I’m pretty sure they won’t be.” Kirito smirked, feeling the thrill of exploring a new and deadly level racing through his veins. “That’s the point.” He tried to tamp down the rush, and gave her a serious look. “We’re going down there to start trouble. I don’t want to hurt anyone if we don’t have to. But something’s wrong here. Something’s wrong with all of this, and they’re not giving us answers.” He drew in a sharp breath. “So we’re going to take them.”


21 thoughts on “Waking to Another Sky Ch4 bit – In the Basement

      1. I guess that would depend on if you want Pina’s ability to heal instantly ala a Healing Device or something that aids/speeds healing.

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      2. >Still working on it. 🙂>
        Pseudo-Science WMG away! Use or discard as you like.

        Let’s assume that it’s a nearly instant heal like in the game. In the SAO anime said ability was depicted as a sort of sparkly mist that Pina sprayed on Silica.

        In Stargate we have a piece of equipment that works in a similar fashion: the Goa’uld Healing Device. Person with naquadah in their body holds it over the target, funky glowing light shines and they’re all better. Now we can’t make Pina a direct copy of this since she’s an animal and that’s a monkey-model of Ancient tech (meaning she’s more reliable *G*) but we can use it as a basis for ‘healing radiations’ and so on.

        So first if this is a natural ability of her species, 10 to 1 Pina has naquadah in her body. I mean it’s the magic space rock that powers practically every funky ability in SG1. But it could be something else, author’s choice.

        Next the spray she sends out can serve two purposes. It acts as a conductive medium for the ‘healing energies’ she’s transmitting along with a biological cement/scaffold that collects in opened wounds to serve as materials and a general ‘blueprint’ for the regrowing tissues. Because if tissue is regrowing that fast, unless there is some sort of control, things can go wrong like scars, cancers etc.

        The technological equivalents get around these limitations of transmission and controlling the healing process through the Ancient’s technological hoodoo A biological organism wouldn’t be able to control the radiations etc to the level needed so the spray serves to lessen the problems.

        Heck we can even link this notion to the ‘bubble blast’ confusion attack Pina used in Calibur. While the healing spray involves a steady stream of said energy, the ‘bubbles’ would release uncontrolled short bursts into random points of the target’s body.

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  1. Kirito: I aim to misbehave.

    Thought him having to tamp down the rush of exploring a new, dangerous, level? The clearers at least are confirmed adrenalin junkies?

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  2. This should be interesting. In more ways than one.

    Jack is probably going to want some of the General’s antacids.

    And the collective is about to get a lesson in just how difficult it is to run herd on this many people, especially when a number of them aren’t inclined to be helpful on that front.

    Also that bit with Kirito at the end? It has the bunnies saying that maybe someone should ask Simon Cavins if he has any Japanese kids that he hasn’t told anyone about . . .

    The bunnies are pretty sure not in this universe but also sure that idea of Simon breeding is deeply frightening to most people.

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  3. >And tell Thinker we might not be able to be subtle. >
    And when Thinker hears that, there are probably going to be some shivers. Because when a Clearer (much less a sneaky solo like the Black Swordsman) is saying ‘This might get messy’ you prepare for a Cat 5 Hurricane.

    >“Will they be okay with us going all the way down there?”>
    Hell to the no. I think Jack’s blood pressure is going to be at interesting levels by the end of all this.

    >“So we’re going to take them.”>
    I think Hammond is going to have a certain level of Schadenfreude watching SG1 having to be the straight men dealing with individuals that cause similar amounts of mayhem/headaches as them.

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  4. The question now is how far will the players get in their little fact-finding expedition before SG1 comes back?

    Because from what I can tell the events of chapter four are occurring at the same time as chapter three.

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  5. “We only left them alone for half an hour!”

    Col. Makepeace, SG-3’s commander nodded, “Exactly sir. You left several bored enlisted Marines alone with nothing to do. I’m surprised they left the building standing.”

    Klein just felt he had to but in, “Respectfully sir, we have all been caffeine deprived for about two years.”

    Makepeace winced, “Correction General. We are lucky that in half that time they didn’t get up to something that reduced The Mountain to gravel.”

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