Sanzo vs. the Alien Invasion Ch4 bit – Koushu

Autoimmune reactions might not be automatically lethal, but even with the best recent medicine, Kougaiji’s father had been looking at a lifespan decades shorter than the norm.

But he shouldn’t have gone downhill this fast. “I’d like to see him.”

He didn’t want to do anything of the sort. But asking would give Koushu the idea she had leverage to deny it, and so long as she was dangling that like a feather for a cat, she might be distracted from what he was really after.

“Hmm.” A finger tapped against her lips, long nail casting back razor points of light. “How about… no.”

Kougaiji tensed. Flat-out denial? That wasn’t normal.

Get out. Get out, now.

“You really are like your father, you know,” Koushu mused. “Both of you think you hide everything, but for someone who knows your tells… it’s written clear as day.” She chuckled. “Though I do have a bit of an advantage, poor boy. You have no idea how much your emotions show in your aura. The moment you walk out that door, you’d be right on the comms to help, wouldn’t you? If you could find any. Doku’s going to be busy for a few days, I’m afraid. It should be long enough.” She stood, stepping into the light.

Kougaiji froze, unable to believe what his eyes were telling him. Maybe it was makeup, turning skin porcelain-pale and hair a dark green-black. Special effects, or holo-emitters hidden in the blue silk kimono, giving the image of elegant pointed ears and cat-slit brown eyes. Or maybe someone had pumped in hallucinogens when he wasn’t looking, because out of slits in fine blue silk waved four arm-long, razor-toothed tentacles.

“I told you we were beautiful,” Gyokumen Kushu smiled. “But I do want to make sure this is perfect for your father. And, well… we can’t have you leaving us now, can we?”

The sting in his neck was sharp, cold, and made his knees fold like hot agar. Someone caught him-

Kougaiji looked up at Nii’s grin, and wished the scientist had let him hit the floor.

Nii let him slide the rest of the way down, still grinning. “Don’t worry, little prince. This isn’t the feral shot. I got this variant straight from a Buddhist priest.” A wider smirk. “Or maybe his demon….”


27 thoughts on “Sanzo vs. the Alien Invasion Ch4 bit – Koushu

  1. Tag-team lunatics . . . just what you always want when you don’t have a flame thrower handy . . .

    The smells-just-right-should-be-kin instinct + Someone with no scruples = some very bad days.

    The aforementioned Buddhist priest is not going to be amused when he hears this story. He is already very unamused by them. This will just compound it.

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    1. I feel too rotten to come up with something witty or insightful, but I wanted you to know how thankful I am for the update. Really looking forward to chapter 4

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  2. Forget Sanzo. What the bloody kefi do they have on Kougaiji to keep him in line? Because if Lirin is running around with him, that’s that leverage gone. And if you can keep him in line, he’ll keep his maniacs in line.

    (Something tells me that Lirin gets a bit more of a feral shot then Kougaiji. After all, you need to test the nonferal version in someone in the family to be sure of bit having a genetic match. Test it on his mother to test that half, test on Lirin to be sure if the half from their father, test it on Koushu to test her genetics… Why does she care if there’s a problem? She can always have more. (I’m assuming they haven’t figured out tritiya.)

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  3. ooooh, and that statement – “I got this off of a monk” – was worded juuust right that someone who has reasons to be suspicious of Everyone might just perhaps think that said monk willingly GAVE this crazy an infectious, transformative virus sample to play with.

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      1. Going to?

        Pretty sure he was already on the list of “People Who Need to Die – The Sooner The Better” . . . as well as being on the list of “People I’d Like To Kill Slowly and Painfully*”

        *shortened – the rest is “But I Know I Will Just Shoot Because Pragmatism.”

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      2. *nods* Always good to have names . . . that way if you don’t have to resort to increasingly long description to know which crazy geneticist that needs to die . . . because knowing this setting, there is probably another one.

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      3. Makes me wonder what Gyokumen Koushu was doing for Gyumaoh besides being his lover. She’s scientifically literate enough to understand why she needed to get the virus and infect the others.

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  4. So, did they never discover CRISPR, or what? You may not be able to yank functioning DNA out of adult cells, but you can snip it in half and then put it back together wrong. You can also insert functioning DNA more easily.

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    1. At the time I started the PT ‘verse, CRISPR didn’t even exist. You might note that it’s still a pretty experimental tech even now. And it’s usually used to target one malfunctioning gene in a limited set of organs, not many, many active and working genes all over the whole body. Including the brain.

      If I’d already had my DNA played with once, I’d be very leery of someone saying “we’re going to target all those alien splices and make them malfunction.”


  5. I don’t know when you changed the reason for him being in stasis from an infection to an autoimmune disease, but it makes so much more sense this way.


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