Waking to Another Sky Ch4 bit – Precautions

Teal’c inclined his head to the swordsman, a fraction deeper; one skilled warrior to another. “I would never stand between a valiant warrior and her comrades.”

“Whoa, wait – let me in there, okay?” Rob Flint objected, scrambling over to the door. “You let all those guys loose, we’ll be trying to catch them all day. And they’ll be laughing at us. Let me help.”

Crimson eyes were wide with hope and fear. “You want to help?”

The vet snorted. “Hey, I’ve been at this a while. I know my human when I see it. Easy now, little lady. Just let me open the door a little….”

Pina dove out as soon as the door opened a few inches, landing in the girl’s welcoming arms; sniffing her hands and neck, before rubbing her forehead against the human’s with a near-purr.

“You found her.” Eyes still wet, the girl glanced at Kirito, stroking under Pina’s jaw and along her neck. The dragon’s long blue tail feathers waved in joy. “You brought her back again.”

“Heh.” Kirito scratched the back of his head, and nodded toward the aviary. “Look at that door. I think she’d have found you sooner or later.”

“And how,” Rob Flint muttered. Finished locking up, and craned his head to look at the dragon. “Pina, huh? You two know each other? Don’t get me wrong, I can see you do, but – how?”

“I had peanuts.” The girl wiped her eyes. “Do you have any peanuts?”

“What, are you kidding?” The vet winked at her, and dug into one of the feed lockers for a small plastic bag. “With a whole flock of these guys? Of course I’ve got peanuts. Here-”

Kirito caught the bag, Argo fading back to guard the door.

“How did… um. Wow.” Rob Flint stood still, making no movement that could be construed as a threat. “Keep forgetting how fast you move.”

Kirito gave him a faint smile, turning plastic in his hands to look it over, even sniff it, before he handed it to the girl.

The vet hmphed, crossing his whole arm over the casted one. “Okay, now I have to say I am offended. I am a vet. I don’t give critters food that would hurt them. Not even people-gnawing basilisks.”

The girl reddened, but didn’t look away. Kirito didn’t even blink. “It’s not personal,” the swordsman said plainly. “There were poisons in the game. Some were lethal. Some were just paralytic. You learned to be careful.”


22 thoughts on “Waking to Another Sky Ch4 bit – Precautions

  1. >You let all those guys loose, we’ll be trying to catch them all day. And they’ll be laughing at us.>
    Random Feathered Dragon: “Cheep!”
    Translation: Yes we would. You hairless monkeys trying to corral your betters is endlessly amusing.

    >You learned to be careful.>
    This might be referencing Kuradeel but I imagine there were plenty more poisons bouncing around SAO.

    >Not even people-gnawing basilisks>
    Sounds like they got some big snakes/lizards back there (basilisks being serpentine or lizard-like can depend on the setting). I have to wonder if they have any vision-based paralyzing abilities.

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      1. >Yes they do and the vet wishes they didn’t.>
        Oh that’s fun.

        I’d imagine that the critters have two sets of ‘eyes’ as it were. The normal ones used for visions while the other (one or more) serve as projectors for whatever it’s beaming to the prey. After all, trying to stuff projective and visual capabilities into the same organ would be kind of tricky.

        Though how it could work would be ‘fun’. Maybe some sort of biological electrolaser that scrambles the target’s somatic nervous system.

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      2. >Well according to the vet, it’s a flashy thing. 😉>
        Does it also mess with a target’s short term memory? *G*

        Assistant: “Right filled your bowls, you voracious snakes.”

        -basilisks devour everything until their no sign that food was ever there-

        Assistant: “Now to take care of the much nicer cr-” ZAP! “Wha? Huh? Right I need to feed you guy-”

        Rob drags the assistant back. “Not this time you gluttons. And you. Didn’t I tell you to wear those sunglasses in here?”

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    1. There were a lot of poisons in SAO and not just with Kuradeel. It was part of Laughing Coffins usual MO.

      Even Kirito threatened Titan’s hand with a paralytic poisoned dagger to get them to go to prison. (And it’s in that story where it’s mentioned that Silica’s dad is a reporter.

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  2. You learned to be careful.”

    Or you’re dead.

    Which seems to be the norm for the survivors – they are a combination of very cautious and very daring. You have to be very cautious between the traps, critters, and other players if you don’t want to end up dead. But you had to be daring enough to get enough stats to survive even the most basic level and if anyone wanted to get out of the game alive, some people had to be daring enough to face the unknown dangers and threats of each level to clear it.

    Other people is mostly the reason they are paranoid. Because the biggest danger was not the game itself but the other players.

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      1. It’s not really a strange behavior pattern. Look at, for example, professional skydivers, or firefighters. On the one hand, deliberately taking (and ENJOYING) risks that most “normal people” would very sanely (by their own lights) run the other way from. But OTOH, you’ll be hard-pressed to find people who exercise more… “paranoia” may be the wrong word, but “caution” isn’t really strong enough… regarding their preparation, training, and equipment.
        Hm… I wonder if there’s a particular term for “paranoia” when it’s not that you think *people* are out to get you, as much as you’re simply acknowledging that Murphy is the sneakiest so-and-so who ever so’d, and a rank opportunist to boot…

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  3. I really like SAO and I am so happy that one of my favorite authors is writing in the fandom. Are you going to include elements of the second arc? I know a lot of people didn’t like it, because Asuna was a Damsel in Distress, but she almost managed to escape by herself, and the whole story reminded me of Brünnhilde and Siegfried. Even if she was a prisoner, she was still a valkyrie!

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  4. You learned to be careful.

    Or you lived to regret it.

    Or not at all.

    Now I’ve got an image of Kirito sniffing Asunas food and her trying to skewer him with a fork running around in my head.

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