Earring Tales: Priest of Hard Knocks

Try for Genjyo Sanzo, get Green Bay Packers?


So this didn’t come out exactly as I intended. While the green is a fair match for the sutra in manga illustrations, I think it’s too dark next to the marigold beads – and the marigold’s a little too orange for “like the sun”.

OTOH, I do like how the silk white beads contrast with the more metallic silver-lined colors. So… a qualified success?

And I recently got some paler mistletoe Delica beads, so I can make another stab at Sanzo.

Any football fans out there interested?


13 thoughts on “Earring Tales: Priest of Hard Knocks

  1. I don’t know football teams, so not sure about the Packers resemblance. It kind of makes me think of some sort of snake. Or maybe dragon treasure. Green for the dragon, pearl and gold treasure.

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  2. It’s the green that does it. A lighter green, or one of a slightly different shade, would have avoided the Packers. The gold and the green together are gorgeous. I think the shape is mostly what’s driving this one. But, I think to match Sanzo the gold might need to be a trifle lighter. The tone is right, gilded gold, shade is just a hair too dark. For hair. Bullet casings…

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      1. Maybe, I’ve seen some pretty shiny brass just after it’s been cleaned for reloading. With uncertain supply lines, I’m betting Sanzo does at least a little reloading, if only to have some bullets in between towns.

        Actually looking at it, it might be the inner lines of green that make it almost feel like a Packer’s thing. Maybe black for the script? I’m not so hot when it comes to colors on a screen. I might get them just to annoy a guy at work though. Depends really.

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  3. A thought occurred to me: have you heard of PlantSEED? It allows plant breeders to use models the way aeronautic engineers do.


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