Earring Tales: Playing in Purple

I make no excuses for this one. I had new purple bugles, I wanted to play. 🙂


I think the pink crystals were a good contrast. I’m less certain about the dark gold bugles, silver might have been better. OTOH, these were more red-purple beads than blue-purple, so I wasn’t sure silver was the best match. And I was going for a “royal dance/maharagan” sort of feel.

At least it’s sparkly?


14 thoughts on “Earring Tales: Playing in Purple

  1. No excuses needed- these are gorgeous. And I think the gold was the right choice, actually. The warmth makes the pink pop without seeming out of place.

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  2. Very nice!

    …The purples and blacks say “Miroku” to me, but I don’t have the other associations, since I keep not being able to continue watching Magi for every long. ^_^

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