Sanzo vs. the Alien Invasion Ch4 bit – Time to Panic

The thump on Dokugakuji’s little office door was familiar. The speed Yaone came through it afterward wasn’t. Biochemistry and its various effects on potential psychokinesis were her things, and neither of them worked well with panic. “The files. Kou. Found something – found Nii-”

Panic. Definitely. He grabbed her and dragged her in, glad he’d swept for bugs again this morning. “Slow down. Breathe. What about Nii?”

Granted, Nii all by himself was enough reason to panic. Man or woman. The guy was slimy. And every member of security was specifically ordered not to kill him.

Damn it.

“In what Kou was working on,” Yaone got out. “The ones you got me just before his access closed down. I don’t think he saw all of it, he didn’t have time – and I used your black key sweeper, I had to, I don’t know everything the program vacuumed up but the data I saw-!” She shuddered, shoving a tablet at him as if it burned her. “Fourth video. Oh god.”

Yaone had used his last-ditch info-grabber? Sweet little Yaone, who played with Lirin like a big sister and had survived all Kou’s paranoid vetting with a smile and ‘of course a big brother worries’?

This is bad.

Then he played the video, and knew it was worse.

It’s a monster.

Tentacles. Skin that shifted like the best cammo-armor. Teeth.

And from the framing data around the video, this was just one of Nii’s specimens. Specimens he was letting attack people, on-screen, who after the time lapse went feverish and rabid, tearing through everything short of steel restraints.

What the hell’s going on?

“The key grabbed a sort being run on company personnel’s DNA registry,” Yaone said in a small voice. “By Nii.” She gulped. “We were both listed. And… so was Kou.”

And Kou’s missing.

“Oh, screw this.” Dokugakuji glanced over his shoulder out of habit, then fiddled under his desk for the secret drawer of the rest of the program tools he wasn’t supposed to have. “Tell me you didn’t get a pet recently.”

“Er, well, no.” A finger found long dark hair, curled nervously in it. “Unless you count my aloe plant-”

“It’ll have to live or die without you,” he shrugged, slamming the little drive home.


19 thoughts on “Sanzo vs. the Alien Invasion Ch4 bit – Time to Panic

  1. Well, I gotta applaud your ‘drop it and run’ instincts! They’re better than Kou’s. I’m not sure they’ll save you- in fact, I’m pretty sure they won’t- but good job anyway!

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  2. Okay, new thought: why did Kougaiji focus on getting his half-sister out of Nii’s range when he could be turned? My only guess was that he assumed that his father wouldn’t be helpless to stop Nii from experimenting on his heir and would actually bother.

    By the way, was Gyumaoh on prednisone or is that too primitive to work? That is an immunosuppressant that hits the waistline, brain, and rational thought HARD. I could easily see him not taking “This is untested,” for an answer if THAT is involved.

    I should know. I took it for about a week for an allergy attack and it does not play well with bipolar disorder.

    If still wondering what the hell got Gyumaoh the virus that put him in stasis, here is a possibility: after too long on prednisone, he decides to give himself the wrong virus because it caused too much brain damage for him to reason that he ask someone what those labels mean, first. Was there even a youkai virus when he infected himself? Who let him do things his way? Did somebody decide to let him infect himself and then use, “he’s mutating” as an excuse to put him in time out, er, stasis. Why is his wife in stasis? Was she just not his lover?


    1. Just as an FYI re not mixing things up – Gyumaoh doesn’t have the virus at the moment. Gyumaoh was sick with a degenerative disease. That’s why he’s in stasis. Don’t know about Rasetsunyo, but… yeah. I’m pretty sure that part of why Koushu is involved with this is the hope that the youkai virus can cure Gyumaoh.


      1. I thought from Vathara’s comments on one of the chapters that he was infected early. To me, the best reason to put Rasetsunyo in stasis would be leverage.


  3. Good instincts for trouble.

    Of course, any situation that require me to spend any time around Nii and I am most definitely not allowed to kill him no matter what would be my signal to get out now. And to put as much space between me, Nii, and the lunatics who think getting him alive and working is the best idea ever as it is possible. Leave that town, that planet, that solar system, or even that galaxy or particular universe if you can manage it.

    Same policy applies to Hojo and other similarly minded madmen . . . they are the wrong kind of crazy. This is not the kind of crazy you can work with. This is the kind of crazy you stay far away from. And you tell to stay away from you, with force if necessary.

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    1. I’m very well aware of mosaicism; it’s a common thing with all jumping genes. Check out Barbara McClintock’s work on corn genetics.

      This is one of the reasons I didn’t think CRISPR was a viable option for fixing the problem.


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