Earring Tales: Sanzo, Take 2

Now, this is closer to what I had in mind!


Same white silk; though these beads are from a new vial and seem to be a hair more translucent than the first vial I had. But instead of silver-lined avocado green and marigold, I have silver-lined Duracoat mistletoe green and light gold. I think it makes a big difference.

Supposedly the Duracoat finish stands up to handling a lot better than some beads; we’ll see. I mainly used it for the color (closer to manga depictions of the sutra-green) and the shine, which evoked more of a “fine paper” impression, to me.

Thoughts and suggestions welcome!



8 thoughts on “Earring Tales: Sanzo, Take 2

  1. Sorry for being a pain but… Here is my negative vote. I liked your previous attempt better. Yes, I understand that the new colors may be closer to canon, but (IMHO) Sanzo is such a whiplash personality. To quote SleepsWithCoyotes: “holiness and profanity, anger and compassion, (he) seemed to expect it all from Sanzo…”

    Both are very nice, but I liked the Green Bay Packers version better.

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