Waking to Another Sky Ch4 bit – Pen is Mightier….

Walking in on a red-eyed kid grooming her pet dragon wasn’t the worst shock Jack had had in his life. Though it definitely ranked up there with the interesting ones, given Kazuto and Teal’c were involved in a mutually low-key stare-down, with Flint hanging out of the way at his desk with the girl, going over a three-ring binder labeled Dragons, Care and Feeding of.

Teal’c inclined his head. “O’Neill.”

Damn, it was good to work with an old soldier. No one’s hurt, that even tone said. Don’t think anyone will be, so long as we all keep our heads. Situation under control. Mostly. You’re the commanding officer present, feel free to take over.

Right. So, one breath to get his bearings-

“Silica. Pina.” Black eyes were almost calm, as Kazuto twirled a pen between his fingers. But there was a devilish glint to them that had Jack wanting to check for whoopee cushions. “I’d like you to meet Colonel Jonathon O’Neill, of Stargate Command.”

…Which just went to show that even Teal’c could get blindsided.

The daredevil glint grew just a little brighter. “How’s the weather in Antarctica, this time of year?”

Oh, hell.

Stargate Command could have come from anyone’s loose lips. Antarctica? Not something people in this building should know.

And Kazuto knows it.

“I’m guessing chilly,” Jack said casually, heading for Flint’s desk. And the intercom by his desk. Teal’c might think they could still rescue this mess, but Jack was already regretting leaving Danny and Sam to distract the kids. “Look, Kazuto. We don’t talk about it much, but the Air Force does station people at the bottom of the world. Mostly to yank scientists out of trouble. So let’s just-”

Streak of green light.

A small, contained boom.


47 thoughts on “Waking to Another Sky Ch4 bit – Pen is Mightier….

  1. >A small, contained boom.>
    I suspect that if Jack turns his head he’ll find the pen Kirito was twirling embedded in the wall beside/behind him, We have seen Kirito use throwing spikes and he’d nearly maxed out the [Blade Throwing] skill.

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  2. Well, the pen is certainly mightier than (what’s left of) that intercom, I’m guessing. I loved that low key communication with Teal’c. One word, with a proper tone and body language can convey a lot of information.

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      1. My question is why Jack thought that line would work at all. I mean they know about SGC, they’ve indicated they know about Antarctica and they’ve found the aliens.

        Why does he think blatantly lying to Kirito’s face is better then just going “I’m not allowed to tell you” etc?

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      2. >Blatant Lies about the SGC have always worked before.>
        Yes because Plot armor.

        When reality ensures, blatant lies that go against reality and established documentation have a much greater chance of blowing up in your face.

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      3. It is technically a true statement*, and his entire professional background is secrecy. Canon Jack probably would’ve been hunting Red Terrorists. At least some of his colleagues would have. The Red Terrorists were backed by an excellent intelligence network and an excellent influence network, and secrecy was one counter to both. An intelligence network might tell terrorists when someone will raid them, the methods of their opposition, or how to get an attack through precautions. If something is publicly known for certain about a counter-terrorist operation, an influence network can be used to declare it barbaric and get it shut down.

        You have to assume that what you tell people not read in on things will eventually get to the opposition. You generally aren’t asked questions under oath, where an attorney will line up evidence to poke holes in your story and firmly establish the truth. Even cover stories easily seen through serve to hide the truth, and keep the opposition from having absolute certainty about what the truth is. The more the opposition guesses, the less effectively they can counter you.

        Now, this Jack was born later, and may have missed the Cold War entirely. He may well not be as firmly entrenched as canon Jack. If so, that difference has not been firmly established. I can’t make the same arguments that I can for canon Jack. I would be willing to argue for ‘same as canon’ and for ‘different from canon’, but I’m an argumentative jerk, and a contrarian.

        *At least, I guess. I don’t know what the Air Force does in Antartica.

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      4. >Though in all fairness to Jack, stalling while calling for backup isn’t just SGC protocol, it’s reflex! >
        Somehow I suspect that after said ‘small, contained boom’ the intercom that he was intending to use to call for said backup isn’t in any condition to do so.

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      5. >>Did you see the ep where he passed Thor off as computer-generated? Blatant Lies about the SGC have always worked before.

        I do hope we’ll find out why the Blatant Lies are suddenly not working… Because even if it’s a setting conceit, something suddenly stopping working really needs to have a reason behind it.

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  3. Sheesh, Jack, would it kill you to admit that you’re not allowed to say anything? Keep digging like this, and they’ll be able to see China through the hole you made…

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  4. So this is a bit off topic, but someone implied that where this is placed in the stargate timeline is important and everything I know about stargate has come from fanfics, mainly Vathara’s and Kryal’s. So basically, what happened right before this?

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    1. The bare facts are not the whole of the matter. The biggest punch comes from considering the cultural and emotional implications of Teal’c being a Jaffa from Chu’lak who is zealously opposed to the ‘false gods’, and Jack being a military officer from America who has serious guilt and loss issues.


      4:21 and 4:22 are also relevant. The deaths of the Goa’uld killed in the four episodes would be immensely emotionally significant to Teal’c. That and maybe cultural factors are going to offset the whole ‘brainwashed and tortured nearly to death to undo it’ thing for him. For all that Teal’c is expertly portrayed as foreign, as a character he embodies a part of the American in every fiber of his being. I would not be surprised to hear that he was inspired by ‘live free or die; death is not the worst of evils’ or Paine’s Crisis.

      The Goa’uld are not wonderful people, and the societies they influence are not necessarily peaches and cream. Jack’s upbringing leaves him much less inclined to feel that Goa’uld rule is something to be endured. He is less inured to it, because he has not had to emotionally survive a long life of enduring it. Furthermore, he is a commanding officer of the better American military officer cultural type. He feels guilty about and responsible for what was done to Teal’c, and his enmity towards the Goa’uld is not a foundational pillar of his personality the way it is for Teal’c. And guilt about fundamentally failing someone he was responsible for protecting has made him suicidal before. (In the movie he was established as a black ops colonel suicidal from feeling responsible for the accidental death of his son. He was brought on board because as a suicidal officer he was deemed willing to use the nuke they brought through the gate as a security precaution. It is a defining element of his character.)

      Teal’c’s reserve is from a life of secretly loving freedom while living as the slave of a tyrant. Earth is a relaxing change of pace for him, and the SGC’s secrecy is much less emotionally important to him. Whereas Jack’s secrecy background is different, as I discuss in a comment above.

      It makes sense that Teal’c is pretty mellow about things while Jack is having very real problems with those same things.

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  5. As much to play devil’s advocate as anything else…
    a few points:

    While Jack is getting a lot of well deserved flack for acting like a noob the players are not actually doing much better. They are being as antagonistic, and secretive, as they feel they can get away with. To the point where Kirito just threatened a Jack with physical violence. None of this has actually improved their situation At All. And just like Jack, their error is born from ignorance.
    If the SGC were an evil, vivisection happy secret police organisation then the players doing everything they can to resist and escape would be beneficial. But they aren’t. The SGC is genuinely trying to help and is likely the best equipped people in the world to do so. To have a happy ending the players need the benevolence, or at least sufferance, of the SGC. Stunts like putting a pen through someone’s desk are not going to help.

    Worth remembering that while the clearers and midlevel farmers are battle hardened superhumans those two thousand people who stayed on the first floor are, both physically and mentally, civilians.
    For interaction this complicates things because the SGC effectively has two distinct cultures to figure out.
    Practically this is crippling for the players. The guys who fought their way up to the fishing floor can trek across the wilderness with nothing but decent boots and a stick. The level ones who never left the starter city Cannot.

    On a more neutral note: I weep for the poor sods running the Bluebox cafeteria. The players have likely already ransacked the place and devoured every scrap of food n the building. (Vet’s peanuts aside.) Forget cloths and housing the SGC is probably busy scrambling to get six thousand meals together on no notice. Not like the players can live on IV drips.


  6. I’m wondering what Kirito’s doing. Because:

    1) I know a lot of your highly classified secrets.

    2) ????????

    3) You’re going to let us phone our family and go home peacefully.

    Is not a great plan.Kirito is a bit of a Leroy Jenkins and that DPS guy, but he does have limits.


    1. Eh. Part of being a Leroy Jenkins is the combination of “not knowing stuff”, “not caring to find out”, and thinking “it’ll all work out in the end, or at least it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t”. Kirito’s whole concept is that he’s the exact opposite of all three of those points, and while he does “jump in”, it’s always with a plan and the ability to back that plan up. Even the times that look a bit like a Leroy Jenkins move are because of him analyzing the situation, deciding there isn’t any better solution, and coming up with a plan anyway. (like when he defused the mob by accepting the title of “Beater” at the first floor boss)

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      1. >Kirito has a plan.>
        Klein: “And they often involve shortcuts which result in a lot of misery.”

        Kirito: “Hey that time in the Jungle floor wasn’t that bad.”

        Lisbeth: “From what Agil’s told me. that stunt burned your entire inventory of antidotes and healing potions. ”

        Kirito: “One time, it was just a fluke.”

        Asuna: “Tentacle monsters specializing in armor durability draining grapple attacks.”

        Kirito: “They were targeting me just as much as you there.”

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      2. I want to see the players’ faces once they realize that Jack has essentially made the last 5 years of his career a series of “Leroy Jenkins” maneuvers, and Making It Work, because he literally *had no better options.* And for stakes MUCH higher than SAO’s.
        I mean, look at the Season 1 finale: that entire mission was arguably an LJ maneuver. There’s pulling an LJ because you’re stupid/lazy/lulzing, and then there’s LJing it because the alternative is to pull a Kinsey (bury the starget (and your head) in the sand, hope the Big Bad Goa’uld go’away….)


      3. To be fair the players were in a similar situation with Skull Reaper. Kayaba set up the situation so that unlike all the previous floors you couldn’t do any sort of scouting.

        Your only option was to load up, charge in and hope to kill the boss in one go.

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      4. Yeah. That boss fight sucked.

        And I’d say that was the clincher in Kirito deciding on his own apparent-Jenkins moment, jumping Heathcliff. Because the players knew every 25th floor had a jump in lethality, but that was way too much. If the next 25 floors were going to have Skull Reaper-dangerous bosses…. well. Game over, so to speak.


  7. Jack, he was nice enough to have this conversation in front of a limited number of people. Instead of you know, in front of God and everybody. Over the loudspeaker. So absolutely everyone in the building was privy.

    Granted, the resulting panic would have been awful and not something Kirito would be willing to trigger. But still, he was nice enough to bring up your secrets away from a crowd and not put you on the spot in that way. And you have one of your team right there with you, not by your little lonesome.

    And yes, Kirito and the rest are really, really tired of being lied to and manipulated. A “I cannot tell you or answer your questions” would be better. But as mentioned above, they are used to brazening their way through this kind of thing.

    Maybe SGC should have “I Take Refuge In Audacity” as their motto . . .

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  8. So, I can understand the files on Nox, Chulak, and other reference information being accessible the Rehab, but Antarctica only was O’neil and Sam. This makes me have two problems.
    The first is that SGC files on that shouldn’t be accessible to the outside world, not even from the rehab area. Any outside reference should be more along the lines of “lost equipment recovered.” It might be me, but I can’t help but think that the SGC (situated in a missile silo) be more or less only having Telephones in or out, with all Hardlines being cut, to keep any rouge AI, like s4e22, from getting into the Internet. In this case, I would hand-wave it as the SGC is in the process of isolating its data network from the outside world, and expanding its complex to keep its mainframe inside it.
    The second is that most of the previous references were associated with alterations to the patients, and Janet could have easily referenced Alaska (where most of the US cold gear testing occurs), so it implies that Kirito went out of his way to look at stuff rather than trying to figure out SAO, Complex, location.


    1. Er, Antarctica is where Sam and Jack nearly died of hypothermia, not to mention various other serious injuries from being shot out of a malfunctioning Stargate at high velocity, and were treated and medevac’d using the resources available there. All the details would indeed be in Jack’s medical file.

      And once Janet had this facility under her thumb, his file would be there. Just in case. Because Janet never knows if she’ll be available – or even alive – when SG-1 needs treatment, and both Jack and Sam have been exposed to enough alien environments and insults that Medical needs to keep track of everything. They never know what might be important.

      In particular, check out “The Broca Divide”, in the very first season, where the fact that someone’s on antihistamines is the only thing that saves the SGC.


      1. I was going to suggest that it was sanitized, taking into the Prometheus leak, but was season 6 e11. My comment is that the location wouldn’t be included in the medical files, but would have the injuries listed (hypothermia due to exposure, broken leg due to impact), aaand i just realized that Antarctica is on Earth, but not to damming, so a sanitized/redacted/unclassified medical record would have no problem referencing it, and Kirito might be bluffing about it, like Jack was, though in this case one really doesn’t want to bluff it.

        also have you seen the Daycare/Krechmaster Anikan (Star wars) prompt on tumbler?http://bookoisseur.tumblr.com/post/139250361361/systlin-systlin-beautifultoastdream/embed
        reason I ask is because when i came across it, someone suggested that they could see you writing the story.

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    1. I say “bunch of snippets” because I managed to avoid being drawn in until I accidentally read…something where JAck did something that was very “Jack being an IDIOT” that clicked perfectly. 😀 Don’t even remember, just went and read the rest of that snippet…and then the rest of the snippets you saved…and then the stuff on AO3….

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  9. Re “Jack’s medical files must be a nightmare”… how about *Daniel’s*?
    Then again… this in only the S4/S5 border. How many times has Daniel (not?) died yet?
    Seriously, around the SGC, “pulling a Daniel Jackson” must be the Leroy Jenkins-level meme that replaces “comic book death.” 🙂

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