Sanzo vs. the Alien Invasion Ch4 bit – Need Coffee For This

Stuck in… something. Kougaiji connected that thought, and Nii, and tried not to shudder in utter, squeamish horror. Throwing up while something was stuck over his mouth could kill him.

Not that it felt like he had anything to throw up. Which might explain part of how fuzzy everything was. He’d never been quite ready to face the world without at least a hunk of cheese to gnaw on in the morning-

What was that?

He’d tried a tentative wriggle, to see how tight he was held, and… it was so odd. Like listening to echoes in an auditorium, and realizing he could estimate where the walls were even with his eyes closed.

But it wasn’t a sound!

More – feeling without touching. Which made no sense. If he couldn’t touch it, how could he feel solid metal walls, less-solid wood and plastic shelving, the vaporous presence of air, shifting with exhaled warmth….

Warmth I can’t feel. I’m sensing energy.

His kami bangles were singing with it, alive; here, here, this is where-we-are!

Which fit right into what he’d pieced together about kami; the jewelry was technology, not just fancy ornaments. If you were going to be flinging yourself blindly through space, one of the first things you’d want was a stabilizer-

Living energy, moving upright on two legs.


Whatever held him crumbled like dried mud. Kougaiji tried to turn it into a controlled fall, landing on the opposite side of some kind of workbench from whatever threat might be-


Lirin. That was Lirin’s voice. Lirin’s green eyes, staring past an armful of dark clothing way too big to be hers. Lirin’s scent, soft red hair and chocolate and soap from her latest scrubbing-

:Vulnerable cub, seize, Turn, ours-!:

He punched the wall instead.


14 thoughts on “Sanzo vs. the Alien Invasion Ch4 bit – Need Coffee For This

  1. Ah, the older sibling response to potential unknown threats (including oneself). I know it well. Yet another reason why Kougaiji is one of my favorites.

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  2. Some disorientation is to be expected. New senses, new limbs, and all that jazz.

    Did he get himself to that location after he was infected or did someone place him there hoping that Lirin would walk in and he do the very thing he just punched the wall to not do?

    If the first, if he didn’t have bad luck, the poor guy wouldn’t have luck at all . . . if the later, than someone there has just added another reason to the list of why they need to die.

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  3. Huh, that’s pretty much exactly how I expected Kougaiji to wake up. wasn’t sure it would be Lirin – I thought Mommy Dearest might take care of her personally, or secrete her away for extra leverage – but I had a feeling someone important to him would be right there for Kougaiji to turn before he really had a handle on what was going on. Nice to see Nii and company continue to live down to my expectations.
    (Also, anyone that pulled this stuff with my little sisters would get the flame throwers)

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    1. Ref my comment on the other post – Gyumaoh hasn’t been infected with the virus. Any of them. He has a degenerative disease that’s killing him. Koushu is hoping the virus will cure him.


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