Sanzo vs. the Alien Invasion Ch4 bit – Lirin Fluff

Instinct wrapped his arms around himself; wrapping furry muscle just as tightly. Oh gods. Nii… Koushu….

One or both of them had left Lirin here. He’d kill them for that-

:Cub? Doing what?:

Moving around the table toward him, of course, Lirin wasn’t afraid of him, damn it- “Wait! I’m not decent!”

Lirin’s eyes bugged, and she scurried back around the other side like her hair was on fire. “Nii-san! That’s not nice. Lirin was worried! Lirin’s been looking everywhere!”

A shower would have been good. Going back to bed and finding out this was nothing but a bad dream, even better. Kougaiji grabbed for black scraps of decency, and prayed the day wouldn’t get worse.

Who am I kidding? Nii’s involved. It will get worse.

Pulling on his pants, Kougaiji tried to rein in his temper. He’d never wanted to break someone’s bones one by one before. But putting on sandals that might as well have been meant to leave toe-claws in plain view, and a shirt and jacket cut short enough the tentacles could swarm free-

Nii knew. He knew exactly what would happen. “Lirin. Have you had any shots?”

“Eep!” Lirin gave him a squinty-eyed look. “That’s really not nice! Lirin went to the doctor before Nii-san went offworld, and Lirin’s not going again unless someone drags her! Nyah!”

Kougaiji blinked at the tongue she’d stuck out, and stifled a giggle. She’s okay. She’s really okay. Thank the gods.

:Safe for now, not later-:

Her grin and faint :happy: was his only warning. Lirin’d taken to some of Dokugakuji’s lessons right along with him, and she hurled herself over the table like a redheaded missile.

No! I won’t-!

He caught her. Claws just resting on fragile skin. Close. Too close.

Lirin squirmed in his hold to hug him, leaning mostly on the jacket. “Nii-san needs a bath.”


17 thoughts on “Sanzo vs. the Alien Invasion Ch4 bit – Lirin Fluff

  1. And Lirin once again is best innocent little sister.

    Though I hope you haven’t hit a roadblock with the other source of fluff.

    Pina: “Chrrrl!”
    Translation: Don’t you dare stop before I, the main character can be properly introduced.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Lirin! So cute, and Kougaiji’s Other is so cute about the little cub! Though, if Nii does get to her, Kougaiji might be able to override that virus with his own. It worked for the Shinigami.

    Liked by 2 people

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