Sanzo vs. the Alien Invasion Ch4 bit – Principals

For a heartbeat Dokugakuji almost squeaked himself. Finger off trigger secondary principal in the way what the hell is that-?

Slit violet eyes were angry; clawed hands trying – to pry the kid loose? “Lirin, get behind me!”

“No!” Lirin glared at the both of them. “Don’t you hurt Nii-san!”

“Kou?” Dokugakuji said in disbelief, as Yaone started breathing again. “Kou, is that you?

His primary principal shuddered, stripes and all. “If Nii comes near you with a needle, kill him.” Violet narrowed. “Then again. Forget the needle. Do the universe a favor.”

That sounded like Kou. Even with the… tentacles. Good night.

This is why Nii’s analyzing Personnel’s DNA records?” Yaone stood straighter than he’d ever seen her, eyes flashing. “We need to warn people!”

“Take Lirin,” Kou directed her; moving smooth and careful to pass the stubborn brat into Yaone’s arms, the most unthreatening body language Dokugakuji had ever seen him pull off. Might have even convinced him, without the claws. “You need to get her out of here. Nii, Koushu – someone left her in here with me, expecting I’d wake up and….” He shuddered again, I want to kill something written in every ripple of skin.

“Infect her,” Dokugakuji said flatly. Still having a hard time believing it. It sounded like something off the bad SF holo-channels.

But that’s Kou. I’d stake my life on it.

“Yes.” Violet found his gaze, grim. “Doku. Get her out of here.”

And leave you with Nii? I don’t think so. “We’re all getting out of here.”

“No!” Kou snapped. “I won’t risk it!”

“Nooo!” Lirin was fighting Yaone’s grasp, half a breath away from biting. “Lirin’s going to stay with Nii-san!”

“We’re all going with your Nii-san,” Yaone told her. “Kou, think! If this is a virus, we need to make a vaccine; and you’re sane. We need you!”

“And we do not have time to argue about this, sir,” Dokugakuji said bluntly. “If Nii and Lady Koushu are both mixed up in this, my hack on the security systems isn’t going to last-”

Alarms howled.


27 thoughts on “Sanzo vs. the Alien Invasion Ch4 bit – Principals

  1. Oooooohhhhhhj, Doku is the bodyguard. Why does Nii make it out alive? Crank the Pack Instinct Up to Eleven, and Doku is pure honey badger.

    ( I love honey badgers. They are pure bundles of spite. Zuko and Toph are honey badgers in spirit.)

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  2. Koushu means “princess.” You just called her “Lady Princess.”

    That said, this is the best excerpt you’ve posted, and the only one that didn’t worsen my impatience.


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    1. In all fairness to Kou, he did //just// bust out of a cocoon. And he certainly hasn’t had any coffee yet! The man’s brain is not firing on all cylinders at the moment.

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  3. Lol! I love the “Good night line.
    I really love your internal POVs and the way the narrative has so much personality; it really is a POV. Not omniscient, not jumping from one to the other, but really how a character thinks and perceives. They don’t have to see everything, and what they think doesn’t have to be simple observation matching with current events.

    I finally got around to ordering your vampire buddy book. I’m going to have SUCH FUN with that!

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      1. I pulled the book out of the mailbox tonight. I’m on page 175. It’s going on 2am. I have a WORK in the MORNING. But goddamn. There’s invisible inside-out hel***s. This is SO MUCH FUN! (Also, the pairing. THE PAIRING.)
        I love you so much. SO MUCH.

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      2. *G* Awesome!

        I’m doing Seeds ATM, and I have an idea for a fantasy monster apocalypse, but I’m also trying to put together more reference stuff for the Taka setting. Because those invisible black urban legends ought to get to show up again….


  4. “And we do not have time to argue about this, sir,” Dokugakuji said bluntly. “If Nii and Lady Koushu are both mixed up in this, my hack on the security systems isn’t going to last-”

    Alarms howled.

    Ain’t that always the way?

    Somehow I don’t think the escape is going to go entirely according to plan.

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