Post-NaNo Update: Seeds of Blood first draft 50% edited

Here we come to the sticky part. Certain scenes need to get cut, shuffled around, put into new order, and stuff written to go in between. In part so our heroes don’t figure out what they’re up against immediately. There are just too many possible suspects!

Part of the new stuff is foreshadowing, for things that showed up at the last moment in the rough draft and now need setup in advance. Part is worldbuilding – getting in more of how confusing and daunting it is to know there’s something in the woods, and just how hard it can be to figure out exactly what.

My end goal being to get otherwise calm and sane people muttering about burning the whole forest down, it’s the only way to be sure….

Myrrh: Wryly amused look.

Church: “Aaaaand this is why Hunters have a reputation for being violent….”

But another part is just going to be adding bits of characterization. Because a lot – a lot – of characters appear in this book compared to Net. The first book covered a bit over 24 very hectic hours. Seeds of Blood covers a little over two weeks. So a lot more people can show up. And plenty from Net can make longer appearances.

Including the main characters. We get to cover a bit more background on people with a longer timeframe. Among other things, I’m detailing more of exactly why Myrrh is considered a heretic by some lights. It’s a bit hair-raising. Especially when some of the research I do turns up things like, “Well, of course Myrrh wouldn’t see anything wrong in speaking with spirits that want to talk to you, they did that a lot in Egypt and Greece… it says what in Deuteronomy? Ooo boy….”





11 thoughts on “Post-NaNo Update: Seeds of Blood first draft 50% edited

      1. Of course it’s going to be a while. With most of my favorite book series all I usually get is a brief summary and an expected release date (and most often unexplained delays) The twice a day updates from you are really appreciated.

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  1. Best of luck to you! I’m beginning to suspect that I’m actually a better editor than I am a writer, myself because it’s taking me so long to get a completed work, so much respect to you for your progress! *Thumbs up*

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      1. I actually do have idea bouncers, but most of the time we team up to turn my ideas into swiss-cheese. 😛 I keep finding unnoticed plot holes with no idea how to fill them, LOL.

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    1. I found that talking to my parents helped. They knew nothing about Rurouni Kenshin, but they have good taste in literature and Mom works in a hospital. Given how much of the story is set in a hospital dreamed up by someone who clearly never worked in one even though she’s claiming to be a registered nurse working on her Master’s in Nursing. That meant putting in additional staff and rewriting the events of the previous story, My Soul to Keep. That meant making Hiko competent enough to put in checks and balances to prevent accidental drug overdoses caused by the kind of stupidity needed to leave a boy you KNOW is easily confused with a bottle of temazepam in the form of Restoril and instructions to take one and take another if that doesn’t work. I also had staff checking on him instead of patients, no razor in his room, an explanation for the negative pressure bays–they are now relics from a time when Burg Hohenzollern was a government-run sanitarium for non-compliant tuberculosis patients that survived as such into the MDRTB era–a better diet and exercise regimen for a malnourished Kenshin, an oncologist for Tomoe, a Megumi who was a staff member at Hohenzollern instead of a consultant, a substitute cook for Tae, additional patients to serve as a cover story, and the reincarnated Kamatari was the handyman, not the driver.

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