Waking to Another Sky Ch4 bit – The Best Policy

Teal’c looked… annoyed. And suddenly less than convinced everything was going to end well. Which might have something to do with the fact that Kazuto had at least one more pen, twisting between his fingers. Joy.

“Trouble is the least of our worries, Colonel. As you already know.” Twist and flip. The pen looked so casual, black ink in clear plastic with a brassy tip. “Silica. He won’t hurt Pina. We won’t let him.”

It was the way Kazuto said it that put the hairs up on Jack’s neck. Not hopeful. Not determined. Not even reassuring, the way a kid his age should try to be for a kid her age. Just plain, simple fact.

They’re worried about me hurting the feather duster? Come on. What kind of vicious bastard would hurt a little girl’s pet dragon….

Memory flung up a maniacal, cackling face, as a helpless man shattered.

Yeah. That kind.

He was facing down a pair of kids who thought he could be that kind of  evil. That was just… wrong.

Also stupid, on their part. A guy who’d hurt a pet likely wouldn’t stop at hurting a child. And these two had been caught in Kayaba’s little death game. They should definitely know better.

“O’Neill.” Teal’c crossed his arms, the picture of strained Jaffa patience. “Did you pass Argo in the hall?”

Argo? He hadn’t seen-

Oh. Damn.

Part of him was still insisting this was impossible. Kids strayed into places they shouldn’t all the time. And kids would go to crazy lengths to defend their pets. He should know. Kids did not set up a multi-part distract-and-ambush to lure their chief opponent away and cut him off from reinforcements.

Except from what Teal’c was carefully not saying, that was exactly what the Jaffa thought they’d done.

Making no sudden moves, Jack raised an eyebrow.

Asuna’s wide-eyed, innocent boyfriend was neither wide-eyed nor innocent now. He met Jack’s gaze with a level look the colonel knew very, very well. Just, not from this side of it.

Right here, right now, I know exactly how to kill you, deadly calm eyes made clear. Are you going to make me use that?

“You were never stationed in Antarctica,” Kazuto said bluntly. “What do you want from us?”

Teal’c raised a hairless brow. Take this seriously.

Huh. Teal’c did not do that lightly. Not even for kids.

So Jack thought twice, and toned his snarking down a little. “What I want,” he said deliberately, “is to figure out why the hell Kayaba killed almost four thousand people. And where the hell he is, so my team can explain to him that we kind of object to this little thing called murder. If we catch him here in America, he’s toast.”


18 thoughts on “Waking to Another Sky Ch4 bit – The Best Policy

    1. Thing about Polygraph testing, they have the subject deliberately lie and tell the truth so that they can establish a baseline. Now Asuna and Kirito have a baseline for Jack’s bullshitting and deflection.

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  1. Hah, finally.

    Now Kirito can go, what do you want with us?

    Jack can then say, “I want you all far away from my very dangerous business.

    Your health? Janet is here, she has a good track record, and I don’t want to think about the possibility that this is beyond her.

    The secrets? Can’t put the genie back in the bottle, just waiting to see what comes out, and not wanting to assume more will come out than eventually does.”

    Thanks. This is fun.

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  2. One of the interesting things is, Kirito is not a security risk.

    He’s a rather nerdy teenaged boy, who’s spent the last two years having to treat an illusion as real and is going to have to WORK to persuade people that he doesn’t have mental health issues. He’s about the least credible witness for “The US government is in contact with aliens.” imaginable.

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    1. No, right NOW the biggest potential security risk – certainly in the building, and maybe beyond that – is actually Silica. “The US Government is in contact with aliens, here’s my alien pet.”

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  3. Good – communication is hard but in this case, if poor communication doesn’t kill, it will get very, very ugly. And the situation is already ugly enough.

    Right here, right now, I know exactly how to kill you, deadly calm eyes made clear. Are you going to make me use that?

    Sometimes right between the eyes is the only way something gets through.

    Probably won’t have needed to be quite this hard of a whack from the clue hammer if Jack wasn’t so badly in need of a break and a chance to de-stress (he’s probably not the only one and like him, they probably aren’t going to get that break + R&R any time soon gosh darn it) – severe stress with no real chance to rest and unwind can play merry hell with optimal brain function.

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    1. I wonder, how many people can Jack have as guests at his lake cabin? OTOH depending on the guest, it is more culture shock time. Like Asuna and Kirito saying one room for both of them is fine.

      “Wait, married?”

      “We weren’t sure when we’d get out. Or on bad days even if. So, we decided not to wait.”

      Jack scrubbed his face with one hand, “Trust me, I know the temptation.” He picked up a couple polls. “So, anyone like to fish?”

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