Earring Tales: Shooting Stars

Why yes, those are Quincy colors. πŸ˜‰

Shooting stars1

First, I have to say I’m glad I tried the diamonds design out first. Tricky as that one was to figure out, a base row made up of 2 beads per column is much, much easier than a single-bead base row. With two beads in the column, no matter how tightly you pull the thread, there’s a little wiggle room to poke your needle through when you come back and Comanche-stitch on more rows of beads.

In a single-bead base row? (Insert Sahara dryness here.) Not so much.

Oh, it’s doable. I managed! But it is an incredible, curse-inducing pain. Geh.

That said, I do like how the star part came out, especially using Delicas and some creative re-drawing of where to put colors to make a more geometric star than the original design wouldΒ result in. The drops… eh, I was improvising. In the future I think I might 1) make the central drops longer than they ended up and 2) alternate between the dagger beads and some other end to the drop; the daggers are lovely but a bit heavier than I expected.

Thoughts and comments welcome. πŸ™‚

Shooting stars.


14 thoughts on “Earring Tales: Shooting Stars

  1. If you made the drops on the edges longer, sort of in a dove-tail shape, you could sort of extend the star-shape of the top into the whole design, which could look cool. The colour palette on these is lovely

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  2. I think this may be my favorite aesthetics-wise of all your earrings that I’ve seen. I like a few of the other sets better for the story behind them. I also like Nox’s idea for the dovetail, and I hope that you’ll post a pic if you try making a set with the dovetail.

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