Waking to Another Sky Ch4 up on AO3

Waking to Another Sky chapter 4, “Owned by a Dragon”, is up on Archive of Our Own.

And I’ve been adding some interesting edits to scenes in Seeds, using some more recent research I did. Mwah-hah-ha….

*Wry G* About an hour of poking around the web doing research to add a few sentences. But they are very specific sentences, will foreshadow some of the later monsters, and give the characters clues that will let them figure out what they’re up against.

More edits ahead!


15 thoughts on “Waking to Another Sky Ch4 up on AO3

  1. *reminded* A local(for some definitions of local) store just finished kickstarting a flour free, dairy free brownie mix, made with cricket flour. It reminded me of the earlier conversation, so have you tried cricket flours?

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      1. Huh, I’ve never actually read Eat Grubs, I mostly tried them as a kid(grasshoppers and that). Plus the chocolate covered ones, I do like the idea of it. Have you tried some middle eastern cookbooks, I know a few have dishes that cover a lot of bases.

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  2. The moment I read the phrase “very specific sentences,” the Imperial March started playing in my head. Good luck on your writing, may the caffeine be plentiful!

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  3. >More like having a boss suddenly sit down and say, why don’t we work this out over tea and sweets?”>
    -Gleam-Eyes standing over the battered and broken ALF members (no deaths yet) when Klein, Asuna and Kirito arrive-

    GE: ‘with a British accent for extra weirdness’ “Ah more visitors. I know this looks rather bad but would you be willing to sit down and discuss the matter instead? The missus put a fresh pot on a few minutes ago and I much prefer civilized discourse to all this rough-housing.”

    Asuna:”……..You beat these people to near death and you’re asking us to have tea with you?”

    GE: “Well what was I supposed to do young lady? I step out onto my porch for a breath of fresh air and band of louts suddenly charge in waving swords at me! I certainly wasn’t going to simply lie back and think of Xaeclite while these boors tried to fill me full of holes.”

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  4. Thanks for the chapter! Jack comes across as, in terns, on the ball, perceptive…and then horrifically Unperceptive in turns which is interesting. Some of it is just unfamiliarity with the jargon being thrown about…though the fact taht Jack doesn’t know what Goodwin’s law is is…kind of strange, however other parts probably play into when exactly this takes place in the Star Gate Timeline.

    More, I wonder how well Hammond is going to take Jack’s decision to be the ‘evil face of SGC’ for the players to scream against. Because, sure, it does focus the anger…but it causes people TO be angry at exactly the people Hammond doesn’t want them to be angry at, long term.

    Kirito and Teal’c seem to be getting on great until O’Neil wandered in, which was all kinds of cool. I maintain that the vet is awesome, and the fact that Teal’c was trolling his blackmailer and got him to cover himself in ink from snapping his pen was awesome.

    Kirito’s last words there…oh god, Jack’s going to have a heart attack…and Fraiser is going to be a bit embarrassed when somebody realises how much information Kirito got.

    Jack’s internal thought about getting the Dragon back into the cage…yeah, somehow I think Jack needs a sit down, he KNOWS that creatures that don’t look like human’s can be just as intelligent as them but he’s not THINKING, he’s reacting to what things appear on the surface….and that’s not a good thing at the moment.


    1. I’d argue against Pina being human smart actually. Oh, yes she is very smart, but her skull is proportional to her size, which means there’s a limit to the brains you can cram in there.

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      1. I wouldn’t put too much weight on brain size here. Pina is in roughly the same size category as a crow and some of the tests done have shown those birds to be scarily smart. Also that they are very social and even exchange information with each other about threats.

        Though ‘human-level intelligence’ is probably the wrong phrase to use here because Pina isn’t a human. She might have a high level of cognition but she’s not going to think like a human. I mean human mentalities can shift greatly across cultures and we’re ultimately all the same species.

        In comparison if we suddenly managed to converse with say dolphins or whales, things we consider vitally important would likely get “Why are you worrying about that?” from them.

        So even if Silica can speak Pina’s language (to what degree we have no idea) there are no doubt multiple notions, ideas and words that she simply can’t explain to her partner because they have no equivalent.

        To give an example of said difficulty try explaining organized modern democratic government along with military branches to what could be considered a cross between a hunter-gather tribe and a wolf pack.

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