Post-NaNo Update: Edits, Scene Smoothing, and Problem Spots

Went through about 10 pages. Cut about 200 words. Identified 3 problem areas – one more than I originally recalled.

I think the big fight scene at the end is problem area #4, and I think that’s all there are.

…So far, at least. *G*

But all the way through p 111 of a 234 page rough draft, everything is set scene and event wise.

What I’m currently doing is working on small edits (word choice, typos, etc.) farther on in the draft while the plotbunnies chew on the various problem areas I’ve identified. That way I’m still making progress, which reduces the frustration level of “but, but, scenes not done yet!” And that in turn makes it more likely I will get those in-between scenes straightened out. Eventually.

A quote for your amusement: “You want a blessing on this? What, are you expecting a possessed squad car?”

(By this time, Church probably wouldn’t be surprised if there were a possessed patrol car. But she’s actually after something else. 😉 )


7 thoughts on “Post-NaNo Update: Edits, Scene Smoothing, and Problem Spots

      1. I know, but I lose track of these things easily. Google Docs, which I use, has a word count as well. I just keep making my large edits without first letting the software count the number of words to be cut.


  1. . . . See, now I’m just imagining an Unmasqued Urban Fantasy setting where squad cars are routinely possessed by minor spirits or have their own Tulpa-esque item-spirits awoken… Basically a fantasy/supernatural equivalent of giving every patrol car an onboard AI in a Sci-Fi setting.

    Of course, for the real fun the ‘Bleeding Edge’ expansion to the New World Chronicles at the time of publishing New World of Darkness supplement Mirrors explores a Cyberpunk remix of the nWoD and comments on some of the fun possibilities of combining Animistic spirits and powerful AIs… Or what it means when your local Megacorp possesses its own Animistic spirit…


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