Waking to Another Sky Ch5 bit – A Sweet Diversion

“Okay,” the colonel drew out the word. “Details.”

“Part of the problem everyone’s had with the SAO incident is lack of accurate technical details on how the programs and technology worked,” Sam obliged. “This NervGear was the most advanced version, and Kayaba wiped all the development documents.”

Jack stared at her. “What.”

“He got everything,” Janet informed him. “The company’s official documents were all destroyed.” She gave the colonel a frank look. “So think a little more kindly of those hackers. Without them, we wouldn’t have half the information we do now.”

“Kirigaya got most of the hardware schematics before the game opened,” Sam picked up the story. “Between his blueprints and the NervGear units we’ve taken apart from the deceased, we’ve figured out a few things Kayaba never meant to make public.” She laid her notes down on the table, pointing at two dark structures along the sides of the headgear. “Kayaba labeled these as the internal batteries. If he were using straight Earth-native tech, they would be this big. But he didn’t. He used something… well, amazing, sir. With a trace of naquadah-iridium alloy, he made very small, very-energy dense batteries. Area 51’s been reverse-engineering them. They put together a working prototype a month ago, and if we can produce these even on a small scale-”

“Maybe a little less detail,” Jack mused.

“Yes, sir,” Sam said ruefully. “Short version – using the mixed tech let him cut the space used for the batteries. Meaning here and here,” she indicated spots in the battery region, “he had plenty of room to store the nanites.”

“Huh.” The colonel poked the diagram himself, obviously chewing that over. “So that’s a where. Does it tell us anything about what, or why?”

“It tells us Kayaba set this all up in advance, to interact with this equipment and this game,” Sam stated. “None of this is in earlier NervGear models. And Kayaba got the news out early that older models wouldn’t be able to run Sword Art Online. He wasn’t unleashing nanites on just anyone, sir. He meant this specifically for the SAO gamers.”

“So he kept the nanites for people who were going to be dealing with SGC scenarios,” Daniel mused. “I suppose that’s better than just sharing out a cake.”

Jack snrked. “Do I ever get to live that down?”

“No,” Daniel said wryly. “As long as marriage by candy bar stays in the base gossip, never.”


19 thoughts on “Waking to Another Sky Ch5 bit – A Sweet Diversion

  1. Does this mean Kayaba spent years in his lab tinkering and producing 10000 high end batteries ? Assuming he didn’t let anyone else know of how he was going to screw over thousands of innocent gamers …

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    1. One theory raised in comments was seemingly endorsed. That being that he used nanites to modify the headsets after they had come out of the mundane electronics factory.

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    2. If he has manifested he can probably use them to do the heavy lifting so to speak. Or create an automated system to create the batteries. He doesn’t need to indiviually solder all the battery cases and so on.


  2. I love this fic! Especially the world-building.

    It has also inspired SAO/Overwatch crossover ideas.

    Kayaba pioneering nanites.
    Enhanced SAO survivors that no-one knows about.
    Kirito inheriting the only surviving copy of Kayaba’s research because, in his own twisted mind, Kayaba views Kirito as his heir/right of conquest.
    Kirito pioneering nanites in medicine because of Mother’s Rosario. Angela/Mercy taking it further.
    Klein training SEP recruits Gabriel and Jack.
    Alfheim culture.
    SAO second and third generations.

    Why can’t I stop?!

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    1. You want insanity? When I saw The Game Theorists bit on Orisa’s origins and meanings my brain just about blew.

      Google OVERWATCH: Orisa’s Mysterious Origins Uncovered! | Culture Shock

      Considering the sheer amount of religious/mystical connections in just about every part of Orisa, if she was made in a ‘verse where magic and technology could interact (like say V’s Urban Legends) she’d probably send any nearby P.K.E. Meters completely bonkers.

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      1. They’ve released a whole bunch more since then. It’s amazing how much they are fleshing out the world of what is basically an arena fight game.

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  3. SAO’s Alicization Arc = First Omnics.

    Considering how fast SAO tech evolves, I can see it.

    Also, Kirito is like 7-9 years older than Reinhardt. Kirito would be 68-70 during the game and I can still see him and Asuna kicking ass with the grandkids.

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    1. Ah, but the question then becomes what you do with/where you fit Accel World in the timelines?

      Accel World and SAO’s light novels are by the same writer, (I think) through the same publishing company, and (I know) are set in the same world (Accel World is just set even further in the future than SAO, though probably not as far in the future as Overwatch would hypothetically be).

      Because I wouldn’t assume the Reinhardt aged main characters of Accel World are any more likely to keep their noses out of things.


  4. To be fair – while I don’t remember the cake incident – if I’m remembering correctly that the candy bar-marriage is a reference to the original Stargate film then one must note that Daniel was quite happy with that marriage… Not so much with the eventual tragic ending, deaths, kidnappings, and everything that followed in the SG-1 series proper… But we blame that more on the Goa’uld always ruining everything for everybody than anything else.


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