Sanzo vs. the Alien Invasion Ch4 bit – Escape

Another door banged open, and they were in an echoing hall; from the mass-produced chairs and wooden podium, probably somewhere meant for upper management to lecture the techs who kept things running.

…If those waving tentacles were the techs, she needed to send management a strongly worded memo. Delivered by flamethrower.

“Akuma,” Yaone managed, trying to scrabble backward as Kou put himself between his sister and monsters. “Only they’re not even humanoid, oh god-”

Doku glanced behind her, blanched, and yanked her back around into the room. “Incoming!”

They look like Kou, Yaone thought, in that instant of terrified clarity. Maybe we can talk


“Eat lead!” Dokugakuji snarled, opening up on the snarling horde with everything he had left.

Yaone stumbled, almost running into Kou’s back as he tensed, staring down… whatever passed for eyes on the writhing creatures slithering forward. His claws clenched and loosened, obvious threat; his tentacles were spread in front of both of them like a razor-hooked barrier.

The tentacle-nests halted. Shifting, as if judging their chances.

Behind them, Doku jammed in another magazine. “There’s too many of them!”

“I know,” Kou said softly. “I won’t let them take you.”

Yaone tried not to whimper. She didn’t want to die. But the thought of becoming one of those – things….

“Nii-san!” Lirin’s voice was shaking. “Lirin wants to go home!”

“I want to go home, too-” Kou drew in a quick breath, backing up to wrap a tentacle around them both. “Doku! Grab onto me!”

Doku picked off another shot, teeth gritted as some of his last targets started getting back up. “Love you too, brother, but now’s not the time-”

Kou was backing closer, teeth bared in a manic researcher’s smile. “Relax! I might just kill us.”


29 thoughts on “Sanzo vs. the Alien Invasion Ch4 bit – Escape

  1. You know you’re having a bad day when having your everything scrambled by an untested teleportation device is better than literally all your other options

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  2. I take it Kougaiji is going to have to turn them all to save them. I didn’t think he’d be saving them from the akuma virus.


      1. What are you taking issue with? Also, I didn’t realize that he was going to teleport them out. So far, the snippets haven’t mentioned him grabbing the bangles. If it hadn’t been for other commentators, I never would have guessed what was going to happen immediately.

        And yes, I can reason.


      2. If you must know, it was the following that convinced me that Gyumaoh had already contracted either the akuma or youkai virus by the time chapter 4 opened:

        For those of you who just lost internet access, that was a comment by the author herself in early December, which was plenty of time for plans to change.

        Of course, I myself have made more drastic changes than that to my own fanfic because First Weaver’s chickens were coming home to roost and having them around was making my story too depressing.

        An autoimmune disease in the absence of an infection makes much more sense.

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    1. Ref Rachel re Gyumaoh akuma virus thoughts – okay, that makes sense. (I tend to go by the drafts, being a beta, and don’t often look at the comments on her stories.)

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      1. You were very polite about this whole thing. Thank you. And in retrospect, Nii would have enjoyed listening to Gyumaoh demand a not-medicine he didn’t understand and claim that everyone was being mean. How much did his disease hit Gyumaoh’s brain?

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    1. “Relax! I might just kill us.”

      ….He’s channeling Duo Maxwell. Oh //damn// he’s channeling Gundam Shinigami! Someone is //screwed//.

      (Please let it be Ni!)

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  3. Gundam boys? *Which* Gundam boys — there are so many to choose from, after all. 🙂

    Still, the main part of the answer is invariant across series: Explosions. ALL THE EXPLOSIONS.

    “What’s our final fallback plan?”
    “I say we dust off and colony-drop the bastards from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.”

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  4. Apparently, my original guess, which I don’t believe that I posted, that this was the more action-oriented chapter was correct. I can’t wait to see them both posted.


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