Sanzo vs. the Alien Invasion Ch4 bit – Hideout

Sound and light and solidity came back, in a thump of bodies on a hard wood floor.

Crouched on a familiar stain Doku’d never quite managed to get out of the cabin planks, Kougaiji took a moment to just breathe. They were out. He couldn’t quite believe they were here, in the little hideaway stash Dokugakuji kept for paranoid emergencies, but they were out.

Oh my head….

“On the up side, proof that these are stabilizers, confirmed,” Kougaiji rasped out. “Publishing the findings is going to be hell…. Everyone alright?”

No answer. Though his ears caught a whimper, like Lirin was running from monsters in her sleep.

No, no, no, they have to be okay-!

Fingertips found pulses, as he checked the unconscious bodies sprawled around him. They were warm, they were steady….

:Step-shock. Pack will be well.:

It wasn’t a voice, exactly. More a knowing, sure and steady as his own hearts’ beat. These were :those-who-could-be-pack:. He wouldn’t harm them. He’d done everything he could not to harm them, taking the brunt of the winds-between on himself. Hence the headache.

“They’re human,” Kougaiji snarled. “They’re my friends, my sister-!”

A blaze of rage, giving him the strength to stand. :Not-pack almost scratched them!:

He… couldn’t argue with that. It terrified him, but it was true. Those monsters had been so close.

But I won’t. I won’t. Who knows if I’ll turn into that? It – it might just be a matter of time.

Kougaiji massaged his headache with his fingertips, oddly bemused how easy it was to pull the claws in and not scratch himself. “Stop. Think. Yaone got files. I’m Father’s heir; Koushu can’t work around that in a hurry. She had to think I’d come out of this… somewhat sane. And Nii wouldn’t just inject me without some kind of information on the outcome. His ego’s too big for that.” Press and rub, some of the pain fading with each push. “I need to read the files. I need to wake them up.”


5 thoughts on “Sanzo vs. the Alien Invasion Ch4 bit – Hideout

  1. I had no idea how little information Kougaiji had about what he was. In retrospect, there were hints of this in earlier snippets. Hints that he didn’t know, sense, and remember everything we did, but I have always been a bad judge of that.

    It took several readings for me to determine whether the others were now youkai; in previous installments, unvacccinated humans didn’t feel like pack. Then again, only one of the shinigami had had family among the unvaccinated humans seen once the first installment opened.

    That said, it didn’t make sense for them all to have transformed before this snippet opened. Not if Dokugakuji was using bullets. I didn’t see the part where he said that they were human on the first reading, for instance.


    1. *nods*

      Also, it’s “could be pack”, mostly, which the shinigami also felt (thus the temptation to inject Kaien and the stinging of Unohana during the first movie night). But these are also a slightly different variation than the Hollows, and they have a slightly different “reproductive” focus. Not sure how much that plays into potential differences with respect to how humans who could become shinigami/youkai feel to the two groups in question yet, though.

      *pokes Vathara re possible exploration during encounter!*

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      1. I noticed “could be pack” and didn’t know what to make of it. I almost remarked that I didn’t think they’d be transformed until I made a point of rereading it to minimize my odds of posting something completely at odds with reality. By the time I knew what to make of it, I didn’t attach much importance to it.


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