Post-NaNo Update: Of Finding Problems and New Scenes

The more I edit, the more problem areas loom out of the draft of Seeds of Blood, dripping slime, like the worst horror-movie closet creatures….

This is actually a good thing. As I go through making tiny cuts of “don’t really need this word here”, I find where things need more description, or another scene, or just something that’s not currently in the text. And I mark them.

(Seriously, that’s exactly what I do. “* Problem Area XX”, for example.)

So the plotbunnies can be chewing on those problems as I make my tiny cuts, hopefully coming up with solutions later. If not in this draft, then hopefully the next.

I have battered one Problem Area into submission so far. I’m working on the second. I think it needs 3, maybe 4 scenes to straighten it out. One of those is done, and a second started.  The current scenes should spread a few clues and red herrings around, and ratchet up some of the tension for when the monsters really start coming out of the woods.




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