Post-NaNo Update: Scene Progresses… Slowly

If writing a rough draft feels like wrestling an alligator, adding scenes as you edit the draft feels like The Alligator, Part Two: “One hand tied behind your back!”

I’m slowly making progress on the second scene of this next trouble spot. Slowly. Took part of an hour staring at a RL photo of a place to create a setting description… that took about one paragraph. Argh.

But I did get through laying a few clues, and red herrings, and making sure it kept continuity with a bit of Net that might have otherwise tripped things up.


If I can get that scene roughed, and maybe one more, I should get back to the already-written stuff and be able to shake that into shape… until I hit the next Problem Area, at least.

One step at a time. 😉

10 thoughts on “Post-NaNo Update: Scene Progresses… Slowly

  1. I just has a flash of you as a Steve Irwin type, joyously wrestling the latest deadly/dangerous/belligerent/obstreperous thing up in front of a camera just to show people how cool and amazing the critter is. I love all your plot/scene alligators.

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    1. I’m really trying to get something finished before I drag up another fic-in-progress. There are some scary ideas in there. The SAO/Eberron I’ve already mentioned. For things that haven’t been written – I have, among other things, an over 40-page outline for a SAO/Blue Exorcist fic. 40 pages in 10-point. Meep.

      And then there’s Ichigo and Nura….

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      1. I have never written an outline anywhere near that long with the exceptions of speeches for a public speaking class in college.

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      2. I… I honestly can’t do outlines. I’ve tried from time to time, but every time I hit, “Oh, this scene should go that way,” on the bullet point, the bunnies go, “Noooo~!”, chomp their fangs into my calf, and drag me off in another direction. Just getting from point A to point B can be… interesting.

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      3. I actually don’t do outlines most of the time. I ended up tossing that particular idea with Kryal via chat for… a while. And saving that as notes.

        And then I started looking at the huge pile of notes, and said, “you know, if I put these bits in order….”

        And it turned out the whole story was practically outlined, right there. It’s weird, and I’ve never had that happen before or since.

        When I get enough free time to go back and watch SAO and BE again, I should write it.

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      4. David Drake is known for super detailed outlines. (Author processes and methods can vary wildly.)

        If you ever get really curious, he has one of them up on his website. (It is for one of the later Cinnabar books, so you might want to make sure you’ve read the earlier ones, and have a copy of the actual book for comparison.)


        The opposite end of the axis from ‘plotter’ is ‘pantser’, one who writes by the seat of their pants. Different isn’t wrong as long as you get the job done. (Changing how you work might let you work faster, which is ultimately better because you do more, and you learn by doing. But I have no clue what would work for any given writer.)

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