Unexpected A/C Emergency

I had to handle an A/C emergency this morning. As in, “handle this before something catches on fire.”

Luckily, me being a nervous sort, I’d noticed within about a day that the A/C was not making the noise it should have, so nothing actually caught on fire. It turned out to be a quick and simple fix for an experienced repairman.

…Said repairman was very, very glad I’d taken the steps to shut things down I had, because otherwise there would have been Serious Problems.

(I gave him a cold soda after. Figured we’d both earned it!)

So. Between that and oncoming weather – plan to have another post up tonight after the lightning rolls through!

18 thoughts on “Unexpected A/C Emergency

  1. Y’know, as much as it sucks when things break, it’s always nice to get the vindication of knowing, “No, I am not crazy, that noise I was hearing was auctally a bad sign and we’re lucky I had it taken care of.” You’re not paranoid when you’re right!

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  2. It’s going to snow tomorrow where I am, it’s very odd to think about using AC in March when around here it doesn’t get hot until late June


  3. Whew! I was getting worried. Glad to know everything is ok. My manager at work doesn’t believe in preventative maintenance, which is going to bite him in the karma one day.

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  4. Glad to hear things worked out ok! It’s always nice to have that validation of, “I knew this was wrong, and the expert backed me up!”

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