Post-NaNo Update: Of Tiny Edits and Finding Problems

I’ve now reread almost the entire rough draft of Seeds of Blood. Still need to reprint the last ten pages or so to go over for small edits. Hopefully, I’ve marked every current Problem Area.

That doesn’t mean I’ve fixed everything. Not by a long shot. But identifying the problems is good. Chipping away at small unneeded words and getting better turns of phrase, also good. Clearing out the underbrush, so to speak, so you can see the forest and the trees.

So next I’ll probably go back and chip away again at the second Problem Area I was working on; I need to invent a new scene or two where a few characters meet up again. And maybe trash a building, who knows….

I never expect to fix every big problem in the second draft. Identify, yes. Make a stab at fixing, or at least try to break it down into smaller problems, definitely. But based on past experience it’s going to take through draft 3 before I’m sure I’ve got everything that needs to be in the story, and booted everything that doesn’t. And that’s before a few rounds of polishing.

…Because fight scenes. Fight scenes, done right, are very very short to read and always take a long time to write. Oh, if one could only stab them rather than write them…!


6 thoughts on “Post-NaNo Update: Of Tiny Edits and Finding Problems

  1. I have to say i may know a potential problem area….

    If our heroes don’t have fedoras and sunglasses your whole book is a problem area. Please notice i am not saying I won’t read the book and enjoy it. I am merely saying that you are missing a prime opportunity. Seize the fedora and sunglasses moment. I have faith in your ability to do so.
    Rooting (whether the moment happens or not)

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      1. Well i find that characters inspiration is in direct proportion to the amount of frustration/annoyance they feel with a situation. It could be the catalyst that leads to a breakthrough!(not actually serious 😉 )

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  2. You can do it! Battle scenes are always tricky, and I know well the feeling of ‘this doesn’t look right, but I CAN’T THINK OF HOW TO MAKE IT BETTER’. TT.TT Stay strong! I wish you the best of luck!

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