Earring Tales: Oddities and Bracelets

First, the teaser:


These were all leftover triangles that either didn’t fit due to shape (oops, non-Delica wouldn’t work) or due to the overall color scheme I ended up with.

Now, the result!

Triangle Bracelet1

*Insert patented Evil Laughter here.*

Whoof. This was… a lot of work. Conservative estimate, about 1 hour per triangle, between making, zipping them together. And then you have edging them, figuring out how to put a clasp on, etc….

I think I could do it a bit faster and more neatly now that I have the triangles down and found a tip on how to zip them together better. But I think for an experimental “how the heck do I do this” piece, it came out pretty well.

This has been sitting around in various pieces for months, until I recently got 2 bead orders that gave me the colors that seemed to fill in the gaps. And then… well, zoom.



10 thoughts on “Earring Tales: Oddities and Bracelets

  1. I… Honestly, I like the individual little triangles as earrings better than I like the whole put together as a bracelet? The bracelet is certainly very pretty, but the triangles just match my personal preferences better. (honestly, on the rare occasions I go for jewelry, i prefer small, elegant and understated over larger and/or gaudier pieces)

    I would almost be interested in seeing something like a few of the little triangles in the same colors spaced out with a neutral backing between them? The big rainbow with all the colors almost looks like too much to me.

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