Waking to Another Sky Ch5 up on AO3

Chapter 5 of Waking to Another Sky, “Brainstorming and Boss Fights,” is up on Archive of Our Own.

On the Seeds of Blood front – so far I’ve managed to fix two small problem areas and find about three more. Obviously I need an Iolaus to sear the heads of this hydra….

My best writing time is in the morning, so that’s when I’m trying to tackle “new stuff needs to be written in X spot”. Evenings, I’m going for typos, word choice, and – tonight – comparing two sections of text so that only necessary things are repeated. With luck, I might knock that specific problem out in the next few hours. 🙂

*Crosses fingers, knocks on wood.*



16 thoughts on “Waking to Another Sky Ch5 up on AO3

  1. >“Okay, people. It’s been a long day. Let’s give the general a fifty-words-or-less.”>
    “Sir we are completely and utterly boned.”

    “An accurate summation Colonel, but I’d like something slightly more constructive.”

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    1. “We think we know why we’re boned on the Alpha Site portion of this equation-”

      “Wait, what?”

      …yeah. This is gonna be a //mess//.

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  2. Aww, we don’t get to see what Agil’s wife is up to with the message the players sent out this chapter…and in this chapter Jack hasn’t worked out WHERE the players got that information…and what they did with it.

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  3. We are f$%#ed. We absolutely cannot avoid information being disclosed.

    The players do not trust us. Some of them, now confined, used Kayaba’s infernal device to murder other players.

    The players have leadership whom we have not really negotiated with.

    Kayaba makes a very good case for rethinking our strategy.

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  4. Danny’s a##holeness makes more sense.I think SAO’ers are gonna assume Villain Protagonists at this rate.To be fair, I waver myself. Ex: Nuke at possible First Contact .

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  5. I am in awe of your output. I have only one unpublished novel with no plans to wite another whereas you have how many? And they’re not only novel-length, but unfinished? Wow.

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